Transperth C Series

  Mouse Chief Train Controller

The PTA has now released a Request for Information for the next generation of railcars.

They're looking at 50 trains over 10 years, and appear to be targeting permanently coupled 6 car sets.

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  witzendoz Junior Train Controller

Location: Fremantle
It would make sense that if the future was for permanent 6 car trains to order them that way, only having 2 cabs for every six cars must work out cheaper then having 2 redundant cabs.

  Wallip Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth
I wouldn't be surprised if they just follow QR with an order to the same supplier in India. I would assume given the existing fleet is a copy of QRs stock, the WA specs and regulations would closely match as well, therefore buying the same trains again would save a lot of paperwork and commissioning.

On the other hand, I would think part of the order should be for 4 car sets for the rest of the network
  thewaratahtrain Chief Train Controller

If you haven't rea the RFI it's recommended you do, a new rolling stock maintenance depot will be constructed with a location yet to be determined, the tender if the PTA choose to proceed will be announced late next year, delivery will run from 2018 and take us through to 2028

The TransPerth train fleet will grow to around 600 railcars

48 2car A series or 96 railcars
68 3car B series or 204 railcars
50 6car C series or 300 railcars

600 railcars in total or 166 full sets

1.3.3 The following business requirements for the Project expand the business drivers stated above:

1) The specification shall enable open and competitive tendering.
2) The proposed railcars shall be proven to be suitable for supporting high performance metro/urban rail operations, at speeds of at least 130km/h with journey times to match the existing urban timetable across all PTA lines.
3) The proposed railcar set shall be of a length of approximately 144 metres, the maximum distance from the leading edge of the leading doorway to the trailing edge of the trailing doorway shall be approximately 135m.  
4) The proposed railcars shall maintain or improve current overall levels of safety.
5) The proposed railcars shall provide a suitable, easily re-configurable passenger environment.
6) The proposed railcars shall provide a passenger carrying capacity in excess of 1150 persons, standing area is calculated in accordance with EN 15663 and loadings of 6 passengers/m2 are applied to vestibule areas and 4 passengers/m2 in all other areas of the cars.
7) The proposed railcars shall support quick turn round through fast system initialisation times when driving ends are changed
8) The proposed railcars shall support the reduction of station dwell times with double leaf door portals spaced at intervals no greater than 5.5m on each vehicle side (equivalent to 4 doors per side of a 24metre vehicle).
9) The proposed railcars shall be capable of rescue of/by the PTA existing Rolling Stock fleet.
10) The proposed railcars shall support future developments of the PTA network including the upgrading of signalling/train control and digital radio communication systems.
11) The proposed railcars shall provide high levels of availability and reliability to meet with PTA operating demands.
12) The proposed railcars shall provide train operators with decision support systems for easy recovery from railcar faults.
13) The proposed railcars shall allow services to continue in degraded modes, with graceful degradation in case of failures.
14) The proposed railcars shall provide dynamic passenger loading data to a centralised monitoring station.
15) The proposed railcars shall support the remote provision of information to customers about delays and subsequent service recovery.
16) The proposed railcars shall enable efficient use of energy resources.
17) The proposed railcars shall contribute to improving customer satisfaction for public rail transport in Perth.
18) The proposed railcars shall be designed to facilitate easy upgrade, expansion and change to accommodate future infrastructure extension and the addition of new stations on existing lines.
1.4 Project Assumptions and Requirements
1.3.4 The following assumptions and requirements provide guidance to planning of the Project:

1) The PTA will procure the railcars, depot upgrade, special tools, spares and other infrastructure as agreed to be required to support the new railcar fleet
2) Delivery of the railcars is required to commence in 2018 and continue through to 2028 at a minimum rate of 5 railcar sets per year
3) The PTA urban rail network will be available for the dynamic commissioning of the railcars outside of normal operating hours
4) A suitable area will be made available for the railcar maintenance facility in order to be ready for the delivery of the first of the new railcars
5) Maintenance of the railcars is included for a minimum 15 year term, the structure of the maintenance contract is to be agreed

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is seeking responses to this Request for Information for the supply of C Series Railcars.

The project scope will include:
•Design, build and deliver a minimum of 50off, railcar sets equivalent to an existing PTA six car B series train, over a ten year period, compatible with the entire PTA urban network.