SCT between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
A bit of a guide is if the In-Line refuelling unit is attached immediately behind the locos.

Cannot tell from the railcam photo stream unfortunately.

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  7334 Chief Commissioner

Location: In the workshop wondering why I started 7334 in the first place
Todays 4BM9 through the NSW southern highlands was led by SCT007 and CSR 004 with SCT007 running long end leading.  It seemed to have a good load both from the length of the train and the speed with which it was climbing the grades.  It was not crawling but it was not at the gallop I have seen on other occasions either.

There were at least four Aurizon containers in the load.
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
Aurizon intermodal doesn't own the wagons nor do they own the yellow boxes they use for the woolsworth contract.
SCT has now got the Woolworths contract from aurizon.
In total 15 five packs were delievered to SCT over a three week period plus aurizon painted yellow boxes to continue the contract with Woolworths.

SCT MD Geoff Smith informed people at AusRAIL that Aurizon had sold some of the Aurizon branded containers to SCT
  cuthbert Train Controller

SCT stickers are covering the Aurizon logo on the doors of the yellow WWs boxes. SCT may not do it on the side logo because the stickers needed might be too expensive being so big?
  ozfreight Chief Train Controller

Location: hawthorn 3122
With Aurizon (never warmed up to this name)withdrawing from interstate intermodal traffic ,what future for North Dynon Yard?
QUBE is the other tenant.

Interesting question, as I have posted elsewhere North Dynon has been undergoing extensive renovation and expansion over the past few months (work still going). I initially thought the work was for Qube then as they got near completion Aurizon started stabling some stuff there and now with AZJ moving on I have no idea!

Passing by North Dynon yard yesterday(7/1/18) I was surprised to find the yard,vacated only a few weeks ago by Aurizon,almost full again with containers(lots of Linfox,Toll and Hamburg Sud)
A Y class was shunting a rake of empty platforms in the yard and two PN locos were idling on the rail overpass leading to the yard
Has PN taken a lease on the yard? or is it just a temporary arrangement?
North Dynon would be a good fit for PN steel business,broad gauge coming from westernport and standard to the rest of the network.

  7334 Chief Commissioner

Location: In the workshop wondering why I started 7334 in the first place
Noticed today CSR007 in the sidings at Picton looking a little lonely and forlorn.

Presumably dropped off one of the *MB9s or *BM9s but do not know how long it has been there.


  nscaler69 Deputy Commissioner

Location: There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.
CSR007 left Melbourne yesterday (Tuesday) on 3MP9.
  7334 Chief Commissioner

Location: In the workshop wondering why I started 7334 in the first place
It might just be that I have been in the right place at the right time to see them but the LDPs seem to be fairly active on the Melbourne / Brisbane corridor at the expense of the CSRs.

Last Tuesdays (23/1) 2BM9 (photo) was fronted by SCT009 and LDP001 as was yesterdays  6BM9 (27/1).


Thursdays (25/1) 4BM9 was fronted by SCT011 and SCT006.


  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
How has the service grown in size since we last discussed this online?

Started with around 27 wagons from memory has it increased?
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Found some video recently on the Digital Asset Management Server SCT service via Albion.

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