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Although Haines started the brickworks here in 1920, I found (& lost!!!) a scanned map dated 1910 which shows it, but it has some alterations on it and without seeing the original can't verify. Haines was probably already running sawmills in the area.

"Frederick Henry Haines was born on 20th December 1879 to Frederick Edmund and Isabel (nee Cheverton) Haines in Hobart. His grandfather was W. H. Cheverton, builder, contractor, sawmiller and brick maker. He commenced work with his grandfather. While still associated with that firm he was paymaster on Ulverstone-Burnie railway construction. He later took over his fathers bakery in East Devonport. In about 1901 he started in the building trade at Devonport and subsequently added extensive sawmilling and timber sales. In 1913 he purchased Mundy's Devonport Brickworks and 20 acres of land. In 1920 he moved the brickworks to "Haines Siding" near Dulverton, where one of the largest clay deposits in Tasmania is situated. He died on 15th December 1951

The brickworks were then sold to L. W. Smith Pty. Ltd. It was run for a short time by R. H. King, then sold to Luck Bros. in 1954. Later a new clay pit was opened on the other side of the rail line called “Bush Pit”, now being used as Devonport's Waste Management Facility. The works were sold again in 1960 to Frank Zolati, who later opened it as an art pottery and tourist attraction. It closed finally in 1991."

So my question is, does anybody know when the siding was installed, possibly as a mill siding?

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Sorry for the late reply. Data I have on Haines Siding at the 114.9 km peg (71.30 mile peg) is 1920 (which you already stated) to c. 1973. No mention of another siding at the same mileage preceeding 1920.
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If this is of any interest to you, in the TGR truck journal from the Preston station, it is recorded that on the 26th October 1944, truck A217 with a load of bricks was sent on a regular goods train from Haines Siding to Preston.

A217 returned down the line on the 2nd of November with a load of potatoes bound for the Devonport wharf.

This was found in the research material which I collected for my book on the Nietta line.

- Bill Field
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Thanks to both of you for the info. While on holiday recently, I took some pics of old railway "bits" and will post them soon.
  fc110 Station Staff

Some items of interest, I love all the different rail fixings used at Lilydale Falls and  the trees on the line.

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