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To me, GM 1 is absolutely the most important historic locomotive in Australia and, as such, it should be preserved in working order for the benefit of the Australian community at large by an organisation and in an area where this can be achieved.
Not looking to start a fight, but why is it "the most important historic locomotive in Australia"? That title could be argued for many locos and seems a bit subjective to me.

You could argue that X1 from Tasmania is more historic as the older loco.
Well, I didn't want to appear parochial but, yes, that thought did cross my mind.

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ARHSNT does not exist
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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No bloody way. No GM ever went near the NT.
Even less realistic than RHWA.
At least the GMs ran between Kalgoorlie and Perth for years in the days of the Good Old WAGR; Despite Brookfield's belief that such a thing is impossible today, of course.
Of course GMs went to Alice and probably to Darwin too following completion of the Tarcoola - Alice Spring - Darwin link. That's what happens when you think in the happy past of the NG. Smile
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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ARHSNT does not exist
Thanks D707.
I see now that your suggestion that GM 1 go to ARHS NT was said in jest.
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I would say that the most significant and historic loco which ran in Australia, and still exists, is now working on the Welsh Highland Railway.

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