Melbourne Suburban Disruptions (Since Metro Introduction)

  712M Chief Commissioner

More major shutdowns expected over the next month.

Monday November 6 will see the Glen Waverley line closed between Darling and Glen Waverley all day, makes sense given some regular commuters will have the Monday before Cup Day off.

Thursday November 9 will see a selection of planned cancellations on all lines to accommodate additional trains running for Oaks Day

Thursday November 16 - Sunday December 17 will see the Upfield line closed between Coburg and Upfield to complete Camp Road level crossing removal. Does anyone know why they couldn't use Gowrie as the turnback point?

Thursday November 30 - Tuesday December 5 will see the Alamein, Belgrave, Lilydale and Glen Waverley lines all bustituted between Camberwell/Darling and the city. PTV advises to allow an extra 70 minutes for travel during this time.

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  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
All of which will do absolutely nothing for the Burnley group even after the works are finished. Trains will be as slow as ever and still half an hour off-peak. PTV advises it will take 70 minutes to go a few kilometres because they choose the most stupid routes possible, probably deliberately at that to frighten people off public transport.

That said, Darling and Camberwell to the city isn't actually that bad on a rail replacement bus (save for the absolutely pointless station that is Heyington), it's East Malvern to Glen Waverley that is the worst by far, as the bustitution route chosen uses a multitude of short, narrow, winding side streets (complete with many roundabouts, slow points and other "traffic calming" features) instead of using the main roads, all of which are a simple grid pattern comprising of High Street Rd and Waverley Rd (which are east-west roads), with every single station having a north-south main road to itself. Likewise Lilydale/Bayswater to Ringwood - absolutely horrible on a replacement bus but once you're past there it's relatively good unless the traffic is banked up (not to mention the 901 SmartBus between Ringwood and Blackburn as a helper service, myki required of course).
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Buses are replacing trains between Essendon and Broadmeadows due to a motor vehicle damaging level crossing equipment at Glenroy. Five buses are in operation stopping all stations between Essendon and Broadmeadows departing Broadmeadows every 15 minutes. An additional shuttle bus is operating between Glenroy and Jacana. Please consider alternate transport options such as bus route 542 between Pascoe Vale and Broadmeadows. Extended journey time of approx 35 minutes. Anticipate buses to be in operation until at least
  Valvegear The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Extended journey time of approx 35 minutes. Anticipate buses to be in operation until at least
Jeez; don't keep us in suspense Laughing
  MetroFemme Chief Train Controller

Something has gone wrong in the city loop this evening with some train lines not running via the loop at peak.
  VicRailNews Station Master

  712M Chief Commissioner

Not a great day to be travelling on the Caulfield group yesterday, especially given Friday's fare increase announcement. Overhead works saw all Frankston line trains terminating on the up at Caulfield connecting with ex-Dandenong line trains to the city (presumably the power system could not support more than a train every 10 minutes at this time?). LXRA works also saw Oakleigh - Dandenong replaced by buses all weekend.

Overhead faults at Caulfield caused major disruptions yesterday afternoon for a number of hours. Frankston line was suspended Flinders Street - Moorabbin and Cranbourne/Pakenham lines were suspended Flinders Street - Dandenong (also due to LXRA works).

Buses ran from Moorabbin/Dandenong to Caulfield, then express to Darling to connect with Glen Waverley line trains. Passengers from Malvern-Hawksburn were directed to tram and local bus services.

At around 1.30am this morning the same sections were suspended again for urgent repair works where passengers were directed catch a Sandringham line service to Brighton Beach and change for express buses to Moorabbin/Oakleigh for onward connections.

Just to top it all off, a track fault saw some Dandenong-Cranbourne shuttles replaced by buses as well!
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Trains on 3 lines via Richmond suspended due to someone being hit. Trains banked up for kilometres.
  712M Chief Commissioner

Cranbourne, Frankston and Pakenham lines were all suspended Caulfield-South Yarra in the middle of the morning peak due to a person hit by a train. A limited bus service ran Caulfield - Darling before trains resumed running via the Frankston track pair only.

The same lines are again disrupted tonight due to flooding on the lines. Also affecting Hurstbridge, Upfield, Werribee and Williamstown lines.
  loopy Locomotive Fireman

Well this is more of an alteration as opposed to disruption but on NYE 2017, I saw on P8 Richmond at about 11:30pm the PID'S say City Loop as opposed to Flinders Street. Anyone know why they did that? And something else was weird [but not as much] is the city bound platforms from South Yarra [P1/P3/P5] said Flinders Street
  potatoinmymouth Station Master

Metro miss the new contractual target for the first time (91.6% aiming for 92%). It will be interesting to see if the state government has the guts (and the lawyers) to penalise them. Also given recent figures it will be interesting to see if 92 can be consistently achieved at some point.
  Mickeyb91 Beginner

Urgent works alert on all lines tonight from 10pm. No trains running via the loop and all eastern/north eastern suburbs trains will not run to flinders. Terminating stops are:

- Caulfield
- Darling
- Clifton Hill
- Burnley

note: No Sandringham trains will run at all due to other works

Western suburbs trains run direct to flinders, not via the city loop.

Can anyone shed some more light on this?
  potatoinmymouth Station Master

PTV website says "urgent repair works near Flinders St Station".

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