So what's going to replace coal?


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Uumm, there is a thing called a national energy market.  Something to do with QLD NSW VIC and SA.

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Batteries have their place, but without something to generate the power to charge them, then what?  At least solar-cells are heaps cheaper than they used to be....

Extremely cheap because of subsidies that the Poliburo gives the Chinese solar industry - it won't last.
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South Australia’s current production? 1654MW of which solar is 430MW and wind is 60MW, 1MW exiting our ‘big battery’, the rest is gas.

South Australia’s current demand? 2320MW.

Those ‘renewables’ are doing well today. It’s not overtly hot, it’s not overcast, the battery is charged, but if we didn’t import electrons we’d be blacking our 1/3 of the state.


(I know, it's more renew economy articles, but it covers a lot of material relevant to this discussion.)

At times, wind output in a state with some 1698MW of wind capacity jumped above 1400MW, but had to be constrained back to 1200MW, because there were not enough gas generators in the system under the AEMO’s new guidelines.

South Australia currently sources more than 50 per cent of its electricity demand from large-scale wind and rooftop solar, with about 1,800MW of wind and 740MW of rooftop solar in place.

Another 650MW of large-scale wind and solar are under construction, another 1GW in the pipeline, and households and businesses are still adding 100MW of rooftop solar a year.

South Australia has the highest retail prices for domestic power in Australia, and perhaps even the world.  Whether or not high RE penetration is the cause, or the result of this is often a matter of opinion.  But I think it's hard to argue that the high penetration rate of home PV solar is mostly down to the high prices.  

I'd suggests the historic lack of a coal and coal fired power industry in  SA has also played a part, with SA's biggest generation coming from the (anachronistic) gas fired steam turbines at Torrens Island - combined with the exposure of the Australian gas markets to world pricing.
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SA's convoluted Power Generation set up both past and certainly present is the reason behind its high power prices, which yes are some of highest in developed world. Yah for stupidity.

If you add up the entire generation capacity of SA including all installed PV panels and wind turbines its way in excess of what the state needs, so basically you are paying twice for the installation and maintenance costs because if the wind and sun don't come out. As a backup they also have one fo the longer extension cords in the developed world and thus buying peak power at peak prices from Vic/NSW.

If you were to remove everything and the dumb-arsed ideology behind it and start again this is how it would likely look.

First problem is SA has a large sea