Hospitality Attendant - request for information (working conditions)

  Alyssa Bache Beginner

Hello! I'm interested in working on a train as a Hospitality Attendant, especially for the Ghan.
I have some questions, hope you could give me to get some idea about the job:

1. I heard that the pay is pretty good - is it correct?
2. Do attendant stay on the train during a trip (I heard it'll be 8 days or so), or have chance to get off and stay at an
   accommodation for a night?
3. Do attendant share a room with other attendants to rest? How many people?
4. Do they have a change to have a shower on the train?
5. How many hours can they sleep on the train?
6. Are there any non-Australian attendants?

Thank you in advance!

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