SCT join forces with DP World

  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville

To celebrate 10 years' operation in Parkes, SCT Logistics is focusing on delivering improved levels of freight services from the Parkes region to Port of Sydney by teaming up with DP World Australia to present a joint capabilities initiative.

The partnership will see the two companies work together to service regional trains providing exporters and importers direct access to the dock at DP World Australia's Sydney terminal via Botany Intermodal.

Today, the companies held an information session for local exporters and importers, government and transport providers to gain an insight into opportunities available within the supply chain.

DP World Australia's Chief Operating Officer Logistics, Mark Hulme said "launched yesterday, Botany Intermodal will offer will offer fast and efficient container coordination, movement, cleaning, repairs, refurbishment and storage services to customers who are transiting container freight into and out of the terminals.

"Botany Intermodal’s connection to the Southern Sydney Freight Line will drive improved rail efficiency and speed of service to adjacent stevedoring operations."

“This is a fantastic opportunity to connect Parkes and the Central West with the port,” Mr Hulme said.

SCT Group's Managing Director, Geoff Smith said, "we currently move freight from Perth to Sydney via Parkes. We are well positioned to expand these services to include your export into Port Botany to meet vessel cut offs. We are working to bolt on more service types to existing services and infrastructure to provide trust and confidence to the regional sector."

"Furthermore, we have 324 hectares in our regional intermodal estate that would be ideal for exporters or importers to situate themselves in the strategic Parkes rail hub," Mr Smith added.
It's expected that the partnership will see a reduction in truck dependency across the region and improved environmental outcomes.

Parkes Shire Mayor, Cr Ken Keith OAM congratulated SCT Intermodal Parkes for achieving ten years of service in the region, and commended both companies for diversifying their operations to maximise the potential of the Parkes Logistics Hub and deliver positive outcomes for the region.

"This partnership will further connect our region to a global market via one of the major ports of Australia, placing Parkes and the Central West into an economically advantageous position. We compete in global markets and as such transport efficiency is critical to our competiveness."

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Port Botany really has it together when it comes to rail access.
  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
This move seems to build on the work SCT have done with DP for the Horsham traffic.  

When is this new traffic likely to begin?
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
This move seems to build on the work SCT have done with DP for the Horsham traffic.  

When is this new traffic likely to begin?

No idea.

Have to find locos and wagons first.

Then getting paths in and out of Botany is not easy.
  ParkesHub Chief Commissioner

Is this deja vu with what FCL did back in the '90s and '00s? Yes, it is. Same scenario, different companies.
  seb2351 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
This move seems to build on the work SCT have done with DP for the Horsham traffic.  

When is this new traffic likely to begin?
The article seems to suggest it was just a discussion to let local business's know that there could possibly be another option, sometime in the future, if there is demand.

You cant have traffic if you don't have customers first!
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
'You cant have traffic if you don't have customers first!'

That is the balance that rail has so often got wrong over the years.

Granted that you must know the potential market and have some reasonable assurance of traffic prior to commencing a service but when the service is commenced it must be reliable and competitively priced from day one. No so called 'teething trouble'. Reliability and quality are absolutely vital. Provide what you have said you will - day in and day out.

You must also accept that the service may not be profitable immediately. This is no excuse for providing a shoddy service.

Unfortunately, there have been cases in the past when a service has proved very popular and successful. Sadly the bean counters then conclude that 'it must be too cheap' and increase the price leading to general client dissatisfaction and the ultimate demise of the traffic. It is not only the bean counters at fault here - the operators start to take things for granted and near enough becomes good enough.

Without the enthusiasm and drive which are evident at some of the smaller players like SCT and SSR etc rail seems unlikely to make great inroads into traffics other than coal. Clearly neither PN nor Aurizon seem interested in attempting any shift from road to rail.
  Trainplanner Chief Commissioner

Location: Along the Line
Any update on this.  Thought it worth reactivating in view of Aurizon's withdrawal from intermodal over this week and next week.  Represents an opportunity for SCT to funnel East-West traffic from Botany through Parkes.
  8077 Chief Train Controller

Location: Crossing the Rubicon
not quite sure where to post but today we see two inbound sct trains to the melebourne docks.

one happened earlier in the day with a single loco and the other around 17:00 with a double headed goods into the docks.

has train traffic increased for sct or maybe this is a one off?

this could be the single loco return working making it 4 movements into and out of the docks today?

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