Constant "Railpage is unavailable" outage pages

  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
I too had this problem sometime ago and it lasted for several days but I cant remember now how I eventually managed to log in.

On reading later, like now it seems to be 'selective', affecting different ones at different times.

The other day after doing an Update, a site I belong too ( wouldnt let me 'Log In' and at the moment, I have to fiddle about to access the site but at least I can.
I am totally convinced that out there is a 'Glitch' hovering about and IT randomly selects users to simply annoy them by corrupting a program or 2 until it tires of such amusement and lets everything return to normal....

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  penguin2233 Locomotive Driver

Location: Craigieburn, Melbourne VIC
Nothing is going on to me. Working on school Netspace network and home NBN.  However, every time I login, using google, it is a slightly slower.
  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

I went to log in today this afternoon sometime but all I got was the outage page, was Railpage off the air or it was just another of those glitches that happen from time to time. Just wondering that is all.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
At about 01:00 AEST today I received an outage page with the message "Too many connections"

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