On Track Models - 82 Class Re-Release Update

  ontrackmodels Junior Train Controller

Location: Emu Plains, Australia
Hi All,

We've been asked about the differences between the Freight Rail scheme and the Pacific National schemes that we're producing in the next production run.

The new Pacific National scheme is based on the latest repaints released to traffic over the last 2 years.

The factory has finally sent through both schemes for us to review and they look sensational.

We're currently running extensive tests on the new ESU designed main board prior to acceptance of the samples.

Order forms are now available from our website.

Delivery is now expected early next year,

The On Track Models Team


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  brissim Chief Train Controller

Great stuff.

Edit : I see from the 82 Class Order Forms these are for non-sound versions. Will you be releasing sound versions? I recall some discussion on this somewhere.

On another subject - yes the 80 Class - I know there was some mention of it in the December AMRM, but can you confirm that your 80 Class project is officially cancelled?

  trainguy84 Junior Train Controller


From what I have read, yes there will be a sound equipped version available, they are just waiting for a price from ESU. They will come equipped with a factory installed speaker.

They look amazing, and a total credit to the OTM team.

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