Runaway freighter on the Illawarra?!?


News article: Loss of control of Qube grain service 8960 on 22 April 2017

On 22 April 2017 the crew of 8960 alerted ARTC train control to their train running away on the approach to Dombarton.

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Other area that assisted a bit was to switch the gene/field switch off and put the throttle into 4 notch which got the compressors going to the max rate.

From my memory though, when your BP pressure dropped below around 40psi, that dropped the dynamic brakes out as well, never heard of it happening as mentioned in this report regarding the dyno dropping out in regard to the independent brake though.
I've heard the "4 notch" trick, but never had to use it - though this only really helps on locos where the compressor is driven by the diesel engine. Newer locos with electric compressors have it managed automatically.

I'd have to double-check my notes, but I recall the dynamic will reduce to idle with more than 105kpa in the independent brake, to avoid skidded wheels. It will also drop out below 250kpa in the BP and re-engage once the BP rises above 350kpa (unless you're in a TT class or equivalent, when it won't drop out until the BP reduces to 135kpa.

Its funny when you tell people that it was a smeg braking train the night before and the report says "Another train crew operated this train between Goobang Junction and Goulburn without problem." on page 12. Might have been without incident but problems were highlighted and reported, and looks like fell on deaf ears.
When PN introduced their first ECP train into the Hunter Valley around 10 years ago, it was running around pneumatically for several months, and being ECP, it was single-pipe. One day, a crew was so worried about its' braking performance to put their concerns in writing to the duty supervisor and recommended it be removed from traffic. A few days later on the Ulan line, the very same train SPAD'ed into a worksite by 500 yards.

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Back in the day cranking the BP up to 550 or 600 , at times , made a real difference .
Or so I'm told .
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For any other old bastards who still work in psi divide the kPa figure by 7 to get a near enough psi figure.
Pressures are the only metric unit that I don't use religiously. No idea why - probably because tyre pressures are the only use I have for a pressure unit.

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