Stepping In To Save The Overland For Western Victoria


News article: Stepping In To Save The Overland For Western Victoria

The Andrews Labor Government will save the iconic Overland train service between Melbourne and Adelaide, which connects passengers from South Australia, Western Victoria and Geelong on the historical route.

  x31 Chief Commissioner

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Comments by the new transport minister were brilliant and directed at providing money for a worthy service that should continue.  The SA opposition leader also slammed the LIBS in SA for the cuts.

Stepping In To Save The Overland For Western Victoria

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  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

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So you start a new thread when you could have easily linked the article into the existing one.

EDIT - I have linked that news article to the existing SA thread - this one should now be locked.
  woodford Chief Commissioner

For what its worth I regard this as an  legitimate important news item, to have put i into what is in effect a "dead thread" would be censorship at its worst. The correct approach is direct any discusion to the existing thread.

Just becasue a thread is bumped to the top of the list does NOT mean one automaticly reads it. THe overland thread has for along time been almost entirely negative and I generally avoid such threads like the plague.

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To discuss this, head to this link:

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