Fares for short trips now double the cost of Sydney

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
The government has now gone way to far on the uplifting of fares on the Myki System. Daniel is quite right in his assessment that fares in Melbourne for short trips are now higher than Sydney for the equivalent distance.

Is it about time myki introduced a short trip fare?

Fares for short trips now double the cost of Sydney

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  DalyWaters Chief Commissioner

It is the ridiculous idea of having one zone for all of Melbourne that makes a short trip uneconomic whilst encouraging people to live way out on the fringes.

As is just about always the case, Singapore leads the way.

Their Ez Link card system works on a "flagfall plus as the crow flies" fare system.  You are charged from where your journey starts to where it ends.  Any excess mileage as you change modes of tranport to get to your destination is recalculated on your last touch off to deduct the correct fare.  It is the system we should have.  Unfortunately, we had to dumb down our fare system so that Myki could cope.
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

The fare structure was there before myki, ie Metcard and scratchie days. The maximum Zone 1 fare in Zones 1 & 2, removal of short trips and Zone 3, etc were policy decisions by various governments.
  tom9876543 Chief Train Controller

I think that inner suburbs residents should pay same fare as people who live further out.
If you can afford to live close to CBD, you can afford to in effect subsidize longer distance travel for people in outer suburbs.

I haven't bothered to understand all the details, but IMHO Sydney's fare system is badly designed. People who live in million dollar suburbs should be paying more for public transport.

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