January Shutdown

  Lockie91 Chief Train Controller

During the first two weeks of January there is a major shutdown between Flinders Street - Caulfield/Burnley.

I’m aware of some of the works on the Caulfield group relating to the HCMT power and signalling upgrade works. The Sandringham line been taken out due to portal works at South Yarra.

Two Questions;

Does anyone have any further information on the works and how they are impacting the Burnley Group.

And from a historical point, has this ever happened before. I can’t remember a time when all lines through Richmond were knocked out.

Thanks !

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  jfan Chief Train Controller

Isn't the Burnley group only the weekend 12/13th January? The Sandringham line will be back in operation (closed 2-6 Jan)
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Half of the entire Lilydale line has had its rails painted yellow e.g. marked for removal. My guess can only mean that this goat track will finally be attended to after decades of neglect. But don't get your hopes up, I fully expect the rotten and broken wooden sleepers to remain in place (check just about any station pit between and including Flinders Street and Surrey Hills, and the recently "upgraded" Blackburn, at least one platform track will be a relic from the VR era), and for the rough pointwork at the down end of Camberwell to be completely untouched.
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

… (check just about any station pit between and including Flinders Street and Surrey Hills, and the recently "upgraded" Blackburn, at least one platform track will be a relic from the VR era), …
As in Victoria Regina?
  jdekorte Deputy Commissioner

Location: Near Caulfield Station
Yes the January shutdown is for HCMT works between Caulfield - Richmond - upgrading overheads and signalling.  Over the past few weekends they have shutdown two of the tracks from Caulfield at various times so that more stanchions can be installed. It looks like all the overheads will be replaced at once except for perhaps the South Yarra - Richmond section.  Although more foundations have been dug between South Yarra - Richmond in recent weeks and in the Richmond junction areas towards Flinders St.

Tied into this will be more major works for the Melbourne Metro project between Chapel St - Toorak Rd.  The main work will be demolishing the William St bridge just up from Chapel St.  This will be eventually rebuilt to cover six tracks.  I believe the brick wall on the south side of the line near the Chapel St bridge will also be demolished along with the overhanging car park. The cutting through this location is to be widened to handle six tracks - four curving around to South Yarra and two descending to the Metro tunnel.  Three tracks will be moved further south and one moved north. Already temporary brown overhead stanchions have appeared and new signalling relax boxes have been built near the Jam Factory on the south side of the line. Great to see all this work taking place and it can already be seen that the work at South Yarra is more complex than building the Western Portal at South Kensington.

Edited to include a link to the Metro Tunnel Eastern Portal (South Yarra) site preparation plan - much of this work will be taking place during the January shutdown: https://metrotunnel.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/318800/App-A-Eastern-Portal-Site-Plan.pdf
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
As in Victoria Regina?

If it includes bluestone or brick platforms with bumpy old moss-covered asphalt laid in the Victorian Railways era it might, but I don't think we have any 19th century rails left in daily use. Smile
  raudteejaam Train Controller

We went through this last year. It wasn't my favourite time to commute. I fear this year will be worse I normally board at Clayton, but for last years shut down