EMD 710 Engine export sales

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There have been posts in the past deriding the 710, and questioning its ongoing viability

I guess that as long as the developing and third world have lightweight rail, and political classes not intent on trashing their economies in the name of Global Warming like ours, then there will be an ongoing demand for a lightweight medium speed engine, not meeting USA/European clean air standards

To satisfy my curiosity, did a quickie build of 4th generation EMD export model loco sales, from online data

Usual rider of errors and omissions, if anyone can amend please do

In rounded numbers looks like around 4300 4th gen export models built

By far the largest licensee is DLW Varanasi, with around 2450, so 57% of the total. Production at DLW is ongoing

Progress Rail/EMD 710 engine 4th generation Export Models
Delivered (and on order Q1 2019)
Does not include US domestic types (or derivatives) that were exported, or built under license

Tanzania 24 (DCD South Africa)
Bangladesh 100 (Hyundai Rotem)

Indonesia 55
Republic of Congo 10

China Minmetals Corporation (leased to Perurail) 16
Botswana 8
FCAB 7 + 6 on order + options
Tunisia 20
Bangladesh 40 (broad gauge GT42ACL)

GT42CU-AC [Siemens inverters] Clyde license assembled
QR, 4000 Class 49
PN, PN Class 13

GT42CU-ACe [Mitsubishi inverters] Clyde license assembled
QR, 4100/ACN Class 75
PN, 83 Class 33
GWA, GWN Class 5
Downer Rail/LDP, 6

AT42C Clyde license assembled
AN, DL Class 15

JT42C Clyde license assembled
NSWGR, 82 Class 58
GML, numbered GML10 1
Westrail, S Class 11
Rio Tinto, 2

JT42CWR (and derivatives)
Total build, at least 658

JT42HCW (all to Ireland)
Total build 34

Stadler Rail Valencia, incorporating Vossloh España, and Alsthom/Meinfesa
Israel Railways, 702-709 8
Israel Railways, 731-778 48
via leasing company Angel Trains Ltd. to DB Schenker Rail UK (formerly EWS) 30

Euro 3000
Renfe, 334 Class 28

Euro 3200
Idrael Railways, 1300 Series 24


Gabon (Comilog) 12
Saudi Arabia 17
Brazil (VLI) 80 plus at least 2 demos
Ferronor 9
Algeria 30

GT46C-ACe Gen II
G&W Australia 3

GT46C Clyde license assembled
ARG, Q Class 19
FA, V Class 1
FL, FQ Class 4

GT46C-ACe Clyde license assembled
SCT, SCT Class 15
Downer Rail/LDP, 9
PN, TT Class 40
Whithaven Coal, WH Class 3
GWA, GWA Class 10
SSR, SSR Class 2

GT46MAC plus GT46ACe includes 4500hp versions WDG-4/4D includes DLW license build
Indian Railways 1764

GT46PAC includes 4500hp and duel cab versions, WDP-4/4B/4D includes DLW license build
Indian Railways 702

JT46C Clyde license assembled
AN, AN Class 11

Stadler Rail Valencia, incorporating Vossloh España, and Alsthom/Meinfesa
Euro 4000
Total built 160

GT50AC WDG5 5000hp
Indian Railways 7

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That's gobblydygook Sir!

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