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Hi all,

I’m a driver with another operator (not Metro), and am looking at applying for the Qualified Driver position with VLine. I have a couple of questions about driving with VLine:

-Being based out of Southern Cross, are you qualified on all roads and traction types from day 1, or are you confined to a particular road or set of roads and traction type/s?
-Seeing that VLine are advertising for qualified drivers Australia wide, is there a reason more people aren’t jumping ship from Melbourne sparks to VLine? I would have though the significant increase in base rate at VLine would have made this quite attractive to Metro drivers
-What’s the rostering like I.e. is it all pencil rosters, variation in start times each fortnight, how many relief lines are there (if any), what’s the wait for a permanent line, etc.

Thanks for the advice.

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  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

At this stage drivers are qualified in N and Y class locos, also Sprinter and Vlocity railcars. Some jobs you may drive each during a shift. Runs to Traralgon, Seymour, Bendigo, Wendouree and Waurn Ponds.

Rosters seem stable, although you will be working every second weekend at least. 10 shifts per fortnight. Swaps possible, most of us can avoid particular times if we wish.

That said, they constantly change shifts, making it hard to plan a life. And with the wonderful management we have, you will soon enough understand why we are 100% union...

Hope this helps

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