Auction of Aurizon Locos at Broadmeadow


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  ngarner Train Controller

Location: Seville
Dangersdan can get a New X - all he'll have to do is re-gauge it!

  Factory_Fill Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne VIC
All locos were towed to Rothbury last night in two trips.

Not sure who bought them! Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
@bevans or @dthead can we rename this thread to something like 'Auction of Aurizon Locos at Broadmeadow' or something?

Keen to find out where these are going too.

moderator edit: done Wink  - dthead
  2LaGrange Train Controller

No one has bought them yet. Bids for Auction had to be in by 4pm today so by next week we will learn who won the Auction for each loco. Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
Thanks @dthead.
  Booly Junior Train Controller

Any word on who they ended up with ?

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