Level Crossing Removals Project - have we seen benefits yet

  james.au Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney, NSW
A short question but hopefully some longer answers - has there been any clear, measured positive result for this project yet?  Any more train services added to previously constrained lines?  Any measured road disruption reduction that can be mentioned?

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  traintram Beginner

This is a bit of a fav topic of mine, firstly was never about increase in rail traffic, no changes to track, signalling, rollingstock or staff....just a political comment which was never addressed. Traffic is no better in total (I live in Chadstone area) but it has reduced stress levels that you may get stuck at a level xing for 10 minutes just when you are running late.

It was never going to improve traffic as "Traffic" equals the excess of demand for roads against the supply of roads....and the levels crossing neither increased supply or reduced demand. It only flattened everything out, by that I mean in the past when I was stuck at a xing it invariably meant traffic on the other side was very light and I caught up some of the minutes lost, a car entering the traffic on the other side gained minutes also so the net result fairly benign.
An example I can give is my daily commute to Northcote which progresses along Malvern rd and I can choose to cross the Glen Waverley line at either Burke Rd (new level crossing removal project) or Tooroonga Road (existing level crossing). I often am better off taking the level xing at Tooroonga as Burke road is just clogged 200m beyond the now vanished crossing. $200m to remove the crossing only induced everyone to use Burke with little change, the big winner of the Burke removal is CityLink with the lights noticeably favoring the entry and exit ramps.  

The big mindset change that needs to happen is the introduction of clearways....everywhere on main roads
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
I can't answer from the train point of view, but there is an enormous beneficial effect on road traffic. If you never sat in your car for 5 or 10 minutes while a succession of slow-moving trains trundled across in front of you, the benefits would possibly not be apparent.
Clayton and Springvale in particular, were notoriously bad. Many times, I sat and watched two or three EMU's, a down pass and an up freight.
The example of Burke Road is an interesting one, as are other less-trafficked lines. The crossing removal helps a little, but on the more-used  Dandenong/Gippsland line the level crossings could drive you mad.
  tayser Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
The rail benefits (more services) were always going to be delayed - take the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines, increases in frequencies on those lines were never going to happen until the HCMTs were rolled out and there's billions of other projects on the go to enable that to happen (upgrading overhead, new signalling etc).

$2bil is now going to be spent on Sunbury for the same reason and the real overall benefit - or at least, the biggest shot-in-the-arm won't happen until Melbourne Metro opens which sees capacity increases (or space to increase capacity) cascade across Frankston, Upfield, and Craigieburn at that point.  (Also note the focus on getting level crossings done on those respective lines).

Also, for every station that has been rebuilt, passengers using those stations are already seeing the benefit of upgraded infrastructure.
  Lockie91 Chief Train Controller

Benefits on LXRA project was already hard to measure, as the AG pointed out when a review was done last year. However, the AG was looking at the project as a cost benefit analysis.

The overall benefits are massive each in there own right.

CD9 for example.
9 LX removed
5 State of the art stations
Improved transport connections
Upgrade of decades old rail infrastructure
No frequency constraints
Massive amounts of new community open space.

Some are easer to look at than others.

Has traffic improved? Marginally, the few minutes you've saved are sucked up somewhere else along your journey.

Have track faults reduced? I don't know if the government keeps stats on stuff like this.

It was very well know that additional services could not be added to the line because it would bring the south east to a stand still. You could upgrade headways but you would end up with