Mount Isa Mixed 1970s?

  billybaxter Deputy Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
Is this Mt. Isa station, then the Townsville - Mt. Isa mixed from 13:10 in this film?

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  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Certainly looks like it.
  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat RFR Line
Such a simple time back in the '70's under Chairman Joh, with almost no air-con and definitely not in cars, no sunscreen or hats on young people, no face protection bike helmets, the old mixed 'Isa goods, dangerous roads with no verges in Queensland and wooden planked low bridges that could stand a decent flood.

Absolutely trafficless crossing of the Harbour Bridge and the Expressway over the Hawkesbury...where are the cars.. Question

t'was a much simpler time... Sad


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