Iran to connect freight hubs by rail


News article: Iran to connect freight hubs by rail

Iran wants to link its major freight hubs by railway.

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Iran will expand but there is still the issue of gauge problems in Iran how will this be solved?

Apart from domestic importance, Iran is also strategically located to play a role on the international rail freight map. Iran is one of the main transit countries on what is referred to as ‘the southern routes’ on the New Silk Road. Together with Turkey, it provides transit to south-east European countries such as Bulgaria, Greece or Romania. In the other direction, freight traffic travels through Iran on the way to China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Moreover, the North-South Transport Corridor connects Russia to India via Iran and has several branches serving nearby destinations.

SG is needed to run east from Iran to the board countries pushing its way to China.  The route would need to be via Afghanistan which from the border to Tajikistan would be a short hop.

Iran to connect freight hubs by rail

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