Melbourne Suburban Disruptions (Since Metro Introduction)

  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

Whatever you do, don’t let the guvmint force that urban renewal stuff on you!

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  max_thum Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Traders in Resevoir are threatening to block trains on the Mernda line this afternoon to protest road closures.
They better have good lawyers, I do hope Public Transport Victoria fines them for trespassing, obstruction/interference to the network.
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
If the traders are dumb enough to block the railway, they will be ensuring that the disruption will last for longer. Get out of the way, shut the hell up, and let the job get done as quickly as possible.
  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

No need to fine them, they made fools enough of themselves. Cops were there within minutes and trains delayed less than 10 minutes. Hilarious.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Why did the driver not crawl the train through the crossing at 5 km/h while holding down the horn like they do in India? Or is it against regulation to proceed with green over red if a bunch of inbreds deliberately hold up a train? Intentionally blocking tracks should be considered a criminal offense under "interfering or tampering with railway property", protest or not. Unless of course Victoria is so special that we don't have such a law, as it seems perfectly legal for protesters to block trams without getting fined tens of thousands too.
  712M Chief Commissioner

Huge bustitution coming up over the 31 August-1 September weekend. No Metro trains will run through the City Loop, Southern Cross, North Melbourne or South Yarra. Buses will operate from the city out to Williamstown, Sunshine, Essendon, Upfield, Caulfield and Elsternwick. The Burnley and Clifton Hill groups will continue to run however direct to/from Flinders Street only.

In terms of bus usage this shutdown will rival some of the weekday bustitutions in size.
  Lockie91 Train Controller

One of the biggest shutdowns ever. PTV and METRO are dragging their feet with the information though.

Busses replace services from City Loop stations. With the east coming from Parliament and the North from Flagstaff. Zero information as to how you are meant to get to these city loop stations as the entire city loop is out.

Bus frequency information only got released today. No maps or additional information as to how this is all going to work. Just over a week out. Very poor effort.

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