Port of Brisbane releases their study for a direct freight port connection to the Inland

  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

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Just looking at the rail maps,
At Murrarie which is roughly half way between Moorooka DG passing loop and PoB there is roughly a 800m long NG loop.

It is still connected to the DG from just prior Murrarie station to just past the closed but still in place branch to the Incitec.
(last I saw a few years back the signally was still working or at least lite up including the branch line)

The NG track then continues to follow the DG as a siding for another 700m or so finishing at a buffer stop.

So this passing loop could be used to allow NG coalies and SG to pass each other or it wouldn't take much to both reactive the NG passing loop for SG and the coalies to pass each other


Completely rebuild the loop and siding to DG 1.5km long passing loop and potentially extend to 2.0km if required.

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  freightgate Minister for Railways

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Not enough competition in the Queensland marketplace leading to freight abandonment and lack of willingness to grow it. What makes the port of Brisbane so different to others where rail is booming ?
  james.au Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney, NSW
What would make more difference though is upcountry investment.  If you had decent feeder lines with decent TAL, I'm sure the current SG track would get used more.
I'm thinking Yes and No,

The current Port line is basically an extension of the North Coast SG to AR for which between the Hunter Valley and PoB I believe there are only a hand full or even less customers of the railway outside the interstate intermodal to Brisbane. For example Casino Cement and Rocklea Steel are the only two customers of the railway I'm aware of, maybe there are others at Casino, Grafton, Taree. So any potential customer has a nice long rail friendly haul to the port with a reasonable standard railway and TAL.

The few branch lines on the NSW NCL did not fail due to TAL.

Ironically the biggest potential source of traffic from NSW is grain from from NW NSW.

A traffic that may, just may have a chance with the Inland is Ammonia from Gibson Island, Incetec feeding directly into the grain districts, but this would incur transfer from road to rail in the grain area.
Sorry I'm not sure i made my point clearly.  In my view, investment in the upcountry network (eg decent TAL and SG to Thallon, maybe Miles etc) would create a network that would support the origination of trains.  They would then make use of the existing SG fare more likely.  

Im saying the problem with rail, at the moment, is not the SG connection but the feeder network.  The SG port connection will become outdated soon, but right now, and for a few years after the Inland, its not the key limitation.  So lets spend the money upcountry first.
  mountinman Beginner

I photographed the last SG container train leaving the port about 2009 or 10, can’t remember when, but I can’t access my computer from work.. Bligh stopped our 2 seperate trains from Dalby and Goondiwindi so the road trains could take over and the government would earn millions from the PBS permits and extra rego. BMT is also a problem with stupid office hours and expensive costs why PN trucks the boxes from AR.

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