Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary upgrades infrastructure in Georgia


News article: Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary upgrades infrastructure in Georgia

A Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) subsidiary in Georgia has completed track upgrades that match the capacity of the connecting Class I rail network.

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
GWR undertakes various track upgrades in the USA on a regular basis but GWA in Australia does not meaning customers have walked away from their services and their network.

Good trackwork means competitive services and GWA have let a lot of track go in SA meaning services have been suspended.  

Do GWA need to take a fresh approach to rail services investment?

Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary upgrades infrastructure in Georgia

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  SinickleBird Assistant Commissioner

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A couple of observations.

US is a huge market (330m people) - Georgia alone is 10m, but rail freight tends to cross state boundaries, as well as railroad company boundaries. So a short-haul railroad in Georgia will feed NS and CSX mainline operations across the eastern side.

One single customer (the plastics distribution company) will apparently account for 5,000 carloads - if you work on 50 cars per train (big by short haul standards), that is still 2 fully laden trains weekly, all year round. Plus there’s the Port of Savannah traffic etc.

In SA, each line has basically a single traffic - gypsum or grain, and typically only a single customer - Viterra or the gypsum company. More volatile traffic flows. Highly seasonal in grain. Difficult to justify the spend.

For all the economics that the US offers, they still took subsidy from both state and federal government.
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
A lot of G & W's track condition in the US is no better than it was in South Australia.

Unfortunately Australians' love of gold plated standards which then filters down to our bureaucracy means trains in Australia are prevented from running long before they would be in similar circumstances in the US.

A moot point anyway as in a couple of months GWA will be renamed and have no connection at all with G & W in the US.
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
In Australia we scoff sadly at two trains per
Week. Look at the lost opportunities.

He’s lost grain in the east of SA due to their poor track condition

Lost access to port and grading facilities in the cereal area.

Have lost another customer on eyrie peninsula. Customer walking away due to poor service.

gWA have ignored opportunities out of Souther east SA to port of Portland. Wood chips at various locations even to the port of ADELAIDE.

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