EL51 & EL58 - Goulburn to Menangle - December 1999

  Bevan Wall Chief Commissioner

During December 1999, EL class locomotives began operating in NSW when Austrac started leasing CFCLA's newly acquired locos.
On today's date twenty years ago, Friday December 10th, 1999, EL51 & EL58 were recorded between Goulburn and Menangle hauling  Austrac's overnight Melbourne to Sydney intermodal service.


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  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Banned

You never cease to amaze me with your records of various events and their appropriate dates, followed by excellent videos to celebrate the occasions.

Well done again, and thank you.
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
The green looks better than the CFCLA blue and grey.

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