Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail

  Matthew Chief Train Controller

The door open button does serve to clean the gene pool, but the Melbourne Citadis have a request mode and an all-open mode, which I'm not sure whether it's possible to select on the Sydney's model.  

'Open on release' has been deliberately left off. Door opening MUST be requested by pushing the button.

This a, probably futile, attempt to increase the airconditioning efficiency.

This was tried with the C set and Tangara trains but Sydney commuters proved to be unable to grasp this concept.

The driver of the first public run (Departed CQ at 10:13, set 001 + 002) did announce several times, 'press button to open doors'.

The airconditioning doesn't actually turn off when the tram stops, that's the traction converter fans you can hear.

However, some of the units have an insufficient flow rate on the AC. The ThermoKing pods look big enough to be up to the task, so hopefully, they just need to adjust the fan speeds properly. They a probably automatic load sensing types similar to what are in the Waratah trains and some either need adjusting or have faulty sensors.

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  route14 Chief Commissioner

Well, it seems that the passengers' IQ is not ready to enjoy such a mode that improves their own riding comfort so let's make the doors open on release and give them some hot air.
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Was there a breakdown at the quay over the launch day ?
  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
Was there a breakdown at the quay over the launch day ?
" freightgate"

It would appear the new Sydney tram is following the Metro on opening day with its own teething issues

Does anyone know what failed and how they fixed it? There's a cross-over near Martin Place but I don't think that it was used on Saturday.
  route14 Chief Commissioner

I suppose with CBTC signalling the use of intermediate crossovers is more complicated than sight operation.
  Matthew Chief Train Controller

006 + 007 decided to take a break turning into George Street and stalled with the tail of 007 still on the crossover. This trapped another set waiting to make the turn into Alfred Street.

They are reporting a 'power module fault' and that recovery took longer than expected as someone decided to let themselves out and pulled an emergency door release. Subsequently, they couldn't get the brakes to release.
They had reconfigured to allow the good tram to tow the bad one, but it appears they missed needing to reset the door that had been 'EDRed' and the train computer wasn't going to let them move with an insecure door.

They did after about 10-15 minutes when they realised it was going to be limp mode job, open all the doors and let everyone out. They did the same on the tram set trapped up on George Street too.

They reportedly started turning back trams at Town Hall where a full signalised crossover is provided.

The 'Emergency Crossover' at Martin Place is manual and requires a point bar to operate. It's intended to aid them in 'recovery' of tram cars after a major 'incident' blocks the line further down for an extended period of time.
  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Dubai UAE
Nice to be see money being on PT however in this case I'm not sure it has been money well spent and nothing to do with breakdowns, these things happens.

L2 - Randwick to Town Hall, 34 min

Buses - vary from 25 to 30min