Smugmug aquires Flickr

  LancedDendrite Chief Commissioner

Location: North Haverbrook; where the monorail is king!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after posting I wondered if ARHS would consider something like this.  I always worry what will happen to my photos when I keel over , , why should they be lost forever.
You can always donate your collection to the ARHS in a suitable archival format and medium... But it would still cost money for the ARHS to display them online, just like it does for Flickr/SmugMug.

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  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

Location: Lurking
OK so at this point I see most rail photographers have paid the extortion amount , , , errr , sorry , Fee.  I will pay mine soon.

The worry is still there that Flickr will later want more money or end up closing.  Of course always have everything backed up and never rely upon any web site for storage.

I'm just wondering what would be the infrastructure requirements (servers etc) and how is something like this even run ?

I'm just wondering in regard to somewhere to put Australian rail photos.  Something like Railpictures but with some amount of resolution.
I have dropped mine below 1000 (it wasn't much above) to avoid having to pay. I only have photos there that are shared in links here, and will just trim the older ones if need be.

Mind you, their extortion is far, far less ($50PA) than what Photobucket wanted (about $300PA from memory if you wanted to share). How long it lasts at that price (or full stop) is anybody's guess.

As to backups, well I have three copies of all my files and photos, one on the Home Desktop, another on a Portable Drive, and another on OneDrive. I think that's enough.
  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

Location: Lurking
I had a bit of a look around the various Photo/Video sharing sites to see who had what.

It seems that Photobucket had a 'review' and in May 2018 changed their plans again.

Though I still see a lot of the 'odd links' like those we saw when they initially pulled the plug.

I wont be going back to them though.
  GS4 Train Controller

Well it's only 14 months since Flickr decided if you have over 1000 photos it would cost to host those photos.  

A lot of people like me had to pay for hosting as of November 2018 , then renew in November 2019.

They now have a banner advert over every photo viewed saying to renew now to stay at 2019 prices , , $50.00 US per year.  You can also pay $100 US for 2 years.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the price is going to go up, and up , and up ?  

It really puts me off spending time adding descriptions and building albums for over 12,000 photos if Flickr becomes unaffordable in a few years.

I have my photos backed up electronically and on DVD and don't need to put them on the net but I like the idea that some other rail enthusiasts can enjoy them too.
  Lazarus Train Controller

Location: Missouri, USA
I just got the e-mail yesterday too with the price increases;

  • 1 month: $6.99, plus tax
  • 3 month: $18.99, plus tax
  • 1 year: $59.99, plus tax
  • 2 year: $117.99, plus tax

I haven't used my Flickr as much as I used to years ago, but do have a pro account. Might have to do two more years to lock in the current rate, and hope they survive that long.

**Edit: Just did the 2 years again for US$94.39. Logged in and it turns out my current subscription doesn't expire until 2021, so hopefully they just add this on to that.**
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
It is what you make of it - I have around 5000 images uploaded which works out to 1.2c per year per pic at the new rate.

The business has to remain profitable so logically they have to raise the fees, or they are lying?

Ample opportunity to renew at the existing rates - jog on Smile
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
I'd be more worried about Flickr ceasing to exist soon.

First they are begging for more pro subscriptions and now they're jacking up the prices.  
Smugmug might be used to dealing with pro photographers who are happy to pay for that service, but they're going to lose casual customers if they keep this up.

The CEO is already on record saying it's unsustainable at the current level, so lets see where it goes next.
  GS4 Train Controller

The "ceasing to exist soon" bit is a worry.   As I've said all mine is safely backed up / archived.

Flickr is the first online photo site I've ever used probably due to my having only having changed to digital photography in 2014.

Apparently other photo sites used by rail photographers have closed years ago ,,, more details would be interesting.

So if Flickr went bust where could we as rail photographers post our photos ?  Any suggestions please.  Smile

Railpictures is out there but the adverts are all over it , above photos , to the right and below.  I just had a look and adverts below the photos are actually obscuring other adverts when scrolling down.  Thats a lot of adverts !  Photos resolution is ok but not spectacular but sufficient.  

I realise these web sites cost to run and my Flickr account works out to be 0.7 cents AU per photo per year.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
where could we as rail photographers post our photos ?  Any suggestions please.  Smile
You could always volunteer to host all our photos yourself! Wink
  GS4 Train Controller

where could we as rail photographers post our photos ?  Any suggestions please.  Smile
You could always volunteer to host all our photos yourself! Wink
I'm only accepting original rail artwork in crayon at this stage  Very Happy
  GS4 Train Controller

where could we as rail photographers post our photos ?  Any suggestions please.  Smile
You could always volunteer to host all our photos yourself! Wink
But seriously , , let me do some counting what's what to get an idea of how many Australian rail photos are out there.  The Railpage Flickr group with over 711 members should be a good gauge.

I know it's massively bigger than the Australian contributions on Railpictures at 10,699 as of today.

............  and no I'm not going to host a photo web site .. sorry

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