Cityrail Map by 2020 - in 2020

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Cityrail Map by 2020


I just wondered if anyone had any ideas what the cityrail map will look like (proper cityrail fonts, spacing, line colours, angles etc) by 2020 when all planned (and nearly definitly committed to) current projects are completed.

The projects I am assuming will be complete and incorporated into the network by 2020 are:

- south west rail link (south line, east hills, Cumberland maybe)
- north west rail link (maybe truncated at St Leonards)
- K2RQ and separation of express and local east hills trains into 2 separate lines
- other rail Clearwater projects
- light rail extensions to dulwich hill

Well well well. It is now 2020, 8 years after this thread was made. Let’s see the changes that have happened.

New company, new systems. There are the T1 North Shore and Western Line. T2 Inner West and Leppington. T3 Bankstown. T4 Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line. T5 Cumberland Line. T6 Carlingford (CLOSED IN 2020). T7 Olympic Park Line. T8 Airport and East Hills. And T9 Northern Lines.

Intercity Lines are now in a different map.

SWRL opened.

Carlingford Line closed.

ECRL converted.

New Metro Line between Tallawong and Chatswood.

No trains terminate inside the City Circle.

No more separate Inner West Line.

Cumberland Trains extended to Schofields, then Richmond.

Northern Line trains now go to Gordon.

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