Australia Day Honours

  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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All getting off-topic and boring. I looked in to see which railway related awards had been made.
If there were any in Victoria they would have to go to volunteers. Nobody in PTV/Metro/V Line would be worth even the Order of the Radioactive Lollipop.
While agreeing in principle regarding senior managers, I sometimes  wonder if there are quite a few in the various state transport offices who are trying to improve the place. Unfortunately they are stuffed by higher managers who block them and instead look for things that look good to the media but are totally useless as far as improving things. Although that is true in most establishments.
Undoubtedly there are such people within the various organisations but they are likely to be viewed as nuisances by the bureaucracy where everything is governed (stifled) by bean counters, KPIs, political sycophants and the dead hand of the minister.

The last two CR Commissioners both had Imperial Honours; Keith Smith had an OBE and Pat Hannabery had an MBE whilst one of the last CR/AN General Managers also had an MBE (IIRC). A CR Driver who played Santa Claus for the kids at Line Locations for many years also received an Australian Order of some sort but these are the only truly Australian railwaymen to receive an Honour for many years that I am aware of.

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