Truck vs Train Culburra


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  Galron Chief Commissioner

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reports on FB and elsewhere of a truck vs train Dukes Highway/Boothby rd Culburra at or about 12:30 local time. Train has been suggested to be 5PM5, but unconfirmed

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  Fatty Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Can confirm 5PM5.
  Jack Le Lievre Assistant Commissioner

Location: Moolap Station, Vic
Man dies in truck and train collision at Culburra in state’s Southeast

A truck driver has died after his prime mover collided with a freight train at a level crossing in the state’s southeast.

The 62-year-old man from Meningie died near the intersection of Boothby Rd and Dukes Highway at Culburra about 12.30pm on Sunday.

Two driver’s on-board the train – which was travelling to Dimboola in western Victoria – were not injured in the crash.

Culburra is about 70km southeast of Tailem Bend and about 150 southeast of Adelaide.

The railway is the direct transport link between Adelaide and Melbourne.
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
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