Spectacular (artists impression) view of Central station upgrade for Sydney Metro

  Totoro Station Master

Hi all, I saw the following on DT today, no doubt this will pique a few people’s interest.

Admittedly this is an artists impression, but its extraordinarily detailed and has been released by the State Govt, so is certainly “official”. A key point of interest (to me anyway) is that the platforms directly above the Metro will indeed be restored for heavy rail use.

It will be interesting to see if this will lead to a greater proportion of commuter services terminating at Central. My bet is on *all* T9 services terminating at Central; certainly transfer to Metro will be much quicker / more pleasant with the escalators and widened passageways.

Really can’t wait for this. Smile


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  simstrain Chief Commissioner

Yes it looks great and is official. I agree that more services will likely terminate at Central but it should be in the form of more outer suburban services running to Central from Springwood and Gosford instead of forcing suburban services in to Central terminal.
  Nichole the Otter Station Master

Just to warn people that the link is subscription-only. It's extremely typical of News Corp sites to hide loads of their articles behind paywalls.
  Totoro Station Master

Hi Nichole, sorry about that.

You can find a link to the video on a free news aggregator here:

  Totoro Station Master

Something I just noticed is that it looks like platforms 11-14 all have escalators directly down from the platform to the underground concourse. I hope this is indeed the case, as it would greatly shorten the transfer time between the intercity and suburban platforms. Smile
  SupremeLeaderSmeagol Junior Train Controller

So that means platform 15 is gone forever
  DCook Train Controller

Location: The standard state
So that means platform 15 is gone forever
No, all demolished platforms will be rebuilt
  clockman Station Master

So that means platform 15 is gone forever

Sydney Metro website states 'The new station will be located within the existing Central Station precinct below intercity rail service platforms 13 and 14. The former platform 15, which was used as a maintenance platform, will not be reinstated.' So it seems platform 15 is no more.
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
Very interesting. It reminded me a tiny bit of London Kings Cross station.

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