Using your stash for 2021!

  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
Probably an idea to make a new thread for this

Dear Aussie Modellers,

Slightly O/T, but for all of youse who regularly lament

"...all the layouts at the exhibition are the same ones we've seen for years..."

now is a Golden Opportunity. With the major shows down for 2020,
you have a free-kick 12 months to Build New Exhibition Layouts,
ready to Reboot the Exhibition Scene with fresh displays in 2021...

...with many having a "personal hobbyshop" worth of "stuff" stashed away,
and thanks to WFM and "Social Isolation" enforcing more time at home,
we have both the available equipment and time to make a decent "kickstart" on the builds...

...and before anyone says "...yeah, but we can't all build the full-station+environs layout we dream of, (so why even start?)...".
aiming for something that fits in a 4cyl station wagon or equivalent makes small-team/single-modeller exhibiting imminently do-able,

(from N to O2R, and every gauge inbetween, a Subie Outback and similar can hold up-to 4'x3'x2' cubic worth of proscenium layout,
+ layout legs, gig bag of cables/throttle, train-trays, and still have enough room for 2x exhibitor crew and baggage/clothing for a 3-day event)

cuts the "go to whoa" build right down to size in terms of effort and budget,
(2 sheets of Bunnings Knauf foam, maybe Qubelok and Foamcore, or other sheet-material, and you've got a "layout platform" that can host any prototype or freelance Rwy/RR theme one might want to take-on...)

and opens up untold opportunities for _Quality_ (detail, accuracy, "slice of prototype scene")
as opposed to unfocussed, sloppy _quantity_-sized displays...
(can't impress the viewers with detail, accuracy or interesting theme,
so fall-back to bludgeoning them to submission with another dual-main racetrack monster...)

For the mentally adventurous, such a smaller exhibition layout could even be an opportunity to break out of whatever
"...but I've always modelled ..." funk,
and try a slice of modelling something other...

(What "random scale/gauge/theme acquisition" have you got lurking up the back of the modelling cupboard,
that just doesn't fit anywhere in your current home or club-layout modelling world?
You know it's there, you know what it is, here's a chance to make it useful...)

So what say Ye?

Happy Modelling,
Aim to Reboot the Aussie Exhibition Layout Roster,
Prof Klyzlr

Now, I don't have a small hobby shop stash of train bits. But I do have a large storage tub of N gauge track and a smaller tub with appropriate gauge rolling stock. Those that frequent a certain forum will know the contents of these tubs as it's Japanese trains focusing on a small section of Japan.
A Shinkansen-less part.
Of cause getting more scenic items and track for it maybe a chore if I need more, as there's no local stockists for a lot of it.
Doing a track layout has had me going around in circles for months in trying to get things fitting on Bunnings plywood project boards. An N scale train station can take up a surprising amount of space.

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  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
Right, trying something to see if the embedding from Google photos works, sod Photobucket.

So I've got a tub of N gauge track from the other major Japanese Model Train company, Tomix

From that I can produce this:

An odd oval that fills a 5 foot by 3 foot board, I've even got parts to do the same oval skyrail style.

In my throwning concepts at the pylwood, an entire semi-complicated bit of station trackwork can fill 5 foot and then some:

Not to mention just how much length you need for proper yards:

That's one of Tomix's yard in a box, it's most of everything you need to set up a JP passenger train storage yard and a perfect length for two unit DMUs. Four car EMUs not so much out of the box but solvable with either track on hand or by the appropriate expansion box which provides more inspection walkways and other OH&S aids.

Pretty much all of that so far is being used the Japanese way, taken out of the boxes for play then packed away in the same boxes when the session ends.

This is my more traditional layout:

N gauge Kato Unitrack on a bit of Knauf foam board that's usually available at Bunnings
  sol Assistant Commissioner

Location: Evanston Gardens SA
No photos on your post - just a black screen with a hyphen & circle
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Looks like you forgot to make the images public, they're probably still set so only you can see them.
Make sure you've set them up for sharing.
  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
I think they're set to public now. If they were set to private I'm wondering how I'm seeing them in this browser as I'm only logged into Google in Chrome, Railpage is open only in Firefox.

edit: or maybe not as I got the infamous black square with 3 loading squares some embedded youtube vids do here when I tested on another device. Google has made their photo system embedding unfriendly
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Most of them show for me now, the ones that aren’t might just be cached.
  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
Most of them show for me now, the ones that aren’t might just be cached.
I've been editing the post, grabbing the pic links from the main google photo page & not the album, wacking the links into to get an embed link and wacking that code into the image embed function here. so what's left black is the initial try.
  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
Right boredom struck and a comment about N gauge Peco track that Alan Shaw put in his AMRM article from April 2020 edtion got me thinking have I got the track on hand to duplicate Reeves as I know I've the space.

The answer is yes

Though I've probably not got the lengths and curves of the sidings right and the Y-switch is probably a normal switch or is a longer Y. I even put in two uncoupling spots which are probably also wrong. Also the rolling stock I have on hand is probably not suitable for this track design as it's mainly passenger D/EMUs and container flats.

And a closer look at some of the points

Edit: think I've finally fixed the imagehosting issue

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