Six dead, 100 injured: NSW train crash survivors remember the devastation 30 years on

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
I was not aware or did not remember this accident a tragic event to say the least.

Six dead, 100 injured: NSW train crash survivors remember the devastation 30 years on

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  brissim Chief Train Controller

30 years already. Yes I still remember it well. I recall 2 killed on the interurban V Set (including the driver) and 4 in the rear carriage of the heritage train. I remember the V Set was packed with St George rugby league fans returning from a game against Newcastle Knights in Newcastle.

Apart obviously from the tragic loss of life, had a huge impact on the operation of NSW heritage railway tours from that date.

  gw0071 Deputy Commissioner

It did not occur to me that thirty years had passed since this tragic event

I was disturbingly close to being involved in this incident. I recall travelling back to Sydney on this afternoon on an all stations train from Fassi. I would normally have changed to a faster train at Gosford however, as the express pulled in it appeared heavily loaded with Saints fans also returning home

I made the decision to stay in the lead car of the all stopper to reduce walk distance at Central. The train got as far as Hawkesbury before remaining at the platform followed by attendants passing through the carriages requesting assistance from any medical professionals on board. The rest is history

The next day I distressingly learnt that there were several staff members from my faculty on board the Morpeth Jazz train

To this day I am still haunted by how a split second decision avoided an almost certain personally catastrophic outcome and more so how the events of this day irreversible changed the lives of many on board both trains

Ironically, I was back in Brooklyn, NSW merely two months ago which is even more coincidental considering where I now reside
  DCook Chief Train Controller

Location: The standard state
The worst part about this is that a similar problem (Problems with somewhat defective signals) caused the deaths of seven people only nine years later in the tragic events at Glenbrook

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