What's the exact benefit of Tram Hub?

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An article was posted on Yarra Trams' Linkedin, celebrating 5 years of operation at Tram Hub.  A question comes in to mind, what's the advantage of having the Tram Hub?  From my understanding it allows drivers to cross-work route 86 and 96, and possibly route 58 but not pretty sure about that.  In doing so drivers are kept more vigilant with reduced boredom by working more routes in one day.  However, trams have to run out from and in to depots.  Surely there are tables that don't involve carring in and out, i.e. take someone at the beginning and be taken at the end, but trams aren't online forever.  The first and last drivers to operate a run have to car out, then taken at Hub, or relieve a driver at Hub and car in.  Is the increased route experience worth the increased complexity in transporting drivers, be it by tram or company car?  Southbank already has quite a few routes and special event operations, assuming all drivers are qualified for W class.  At Preston drivers on route 11 might have to visit a terminus three times in one portion, but more than half of the tables on route 86 only operate one round trip, with the rest visiting one of the termini twice in one portion.

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Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Wish they could do the same with Camberwell and Kew depots, I'd do anything for a few B classes back on the 109. Smile
  route14 Chief Commissioner

Agree on that.  When Southbank contributed 6 runs on route 109 they often used A or B class, which often caught up with the Citadis in front.  It just shows how suitable they are for the Melbourne infrastructure.
    The Southbank starter often allocated B class for drivers willing to do overtime, and C or D class for drivers insisting clocking off on time, which shows the drivers' preference on Comeng trams.
    It's not the first time passengers, tram enthusiasts or general, expressed their preference on Comeng trams.
    It's safe to infer that tracks, drivers and passengers both prefer Comeng trams.  As discussed many times, Katty Bull's lawsuit ruined the system.

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