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  Biggmac Beginner

Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria
Pennsylvania RR, HO scale, large unique collection being sold from deceased estate. Ideal as model railway club alternate rolling stock display scheme.

Engines 203, coaches 78, rolling stock 350, tenders 5, Truck trailer containers 15, assorted buildings need work and a turntable with engine sheds.

Rolling stock all unique road numbers. No track.
Engines from steam to electric with a few brass models.
Many items with original box.

For sale $27,500 plus any packing and cartage (prefer pick up). List of items available. This is approximately 10% of new price.

Plus: Large timber bookshelf (3 bays wide) for display (now in flat-pack for storage) with instruction for easy assembly. $1,000 pick up.

PM any interest, or recommendations for alternative sale mechanism. If no interest in a reasonable period then will consider attaching a link for the list of items to sell individual items.

Cheers Biggmac

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  GJSchulz Beginner

FOR SALE;  STEAM ERA MODELS, Victorian Bogies. XSC, 4 sets, new in original packets. $38.00 plus post.
PM or phone Glenn 0437 724 550.
Silver or Black Springs bogies?
  GT46C-ACe Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW

Auscision V/Line Passenger P17 for sale.
Model is brand new and has only sat on a shelf. Selling as I need the money more....
$200, postage included. Can do bank or paypal.
  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

Changing to N and G scale, so all my Australian HO is no longer needed.  There is a spreadsheet at!AkQhpigghOJthB1NwP3m7FOsUtxe that is "live" and contains the items for sale.  Most items are new in box, never run.

If the items are marked as on eBay, then they are only available on eBay.  Spreadsheet contains asking price (fixed) and item details.  If the item line is RED, then it is sold and also shows the sold price and if sold on eBay.  If nothing is in the eBay column and the line is not RED, then the item is still available at the price show.  All items when listed on eBay are listed at the price shown in the spreadsheet; all eBay sales are for higher prices than buying direct.

Hope there is something that interests you...
  brissim Chief Train Controller

Getting out of HO. NSW HO Items for sale. Mainly Auscision with some Eureka. All currently sold out on their respective websites (although not entirely sure about the Eureka items). Prices being asked are the currently listed price of the manufacturers. If required, postage is extra at cost. Location is Brisbane.

Some motorised items test run, the rest in mint condition.

1.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA Red "candy" Livery - 7 car Set - Item XPT-1   -   $1,200  SOLD

2.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA CountryLink Livery - 7 car Set - Item XPT-3   -   Withdrawn from sale

3.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA CountryLink Livery - 2 car add-on Set - Item XPT-12   -   $300  SOLD

4.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Red/Orange L7 - Set V16 - NPS-40   -   $695  SOLD

5.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Blue/Yellow L7 - Set V31 - NPS-41   -   Withdrawn from sale

6.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Blue/Yellow L7 - Set V32 - NPS-42   -   $695  SOLD

7.  Auscision NSW RUB Set - 6 Car Set No 141 - Indian Red with two yellow bands - NPS-23   -   Going to eBay

8.  Auscision NSW RUB Set - 2 Car add-on set - Indian Red with two yellow bands - NPS-24   -   Going to eBay

9.  Eureka NSW HUB Set - 5 Car Set No 118 - Light Indian Red with two belt lines - Pack 4   -   $600  SOLD

10. Eureka NSW HUB Set - 2 car add-on set - Light Indian Red with two belt lines   -   $240  SOLD

11. Eureka NSW HUB Set - 5 Car Set - Candy - Pack 7   -   $600  SOLD

Preferred payment method is Direct Deposit. Items sent after payment confirmed. Please PM if interested. If not sold here, will go to eBay.

  BrettHalliwell Beginner

Victorian railways IZ open wagons c/w removable coal loads , Steam era kits , well made , painted SEM red and dullcoted.
weighted to 55 grams , Kadee couplers fitted $58 each . 4 available. Located Ballarat pickup and postage available.

  BrettHalliwell Beginner

Victorian railways UB vans , Steam era models , well made , Kadee couplers fitted, airbrushed SEM red and dulcoted, weighted to   70grams, 6 available @ $66 each, can be express posted at cost.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Brett, I have sent you a PM.
  MEASWELL Junior Train Controller

Location: werribee/tullamarine
Hi all

I am looking to sell or at least get rid of 35 years or so of Australian Model railways magazines plus a large number of US model railroaders some UK model magazines plus some Newsrail magazines, we are moving in a few weeks and because we are downsizing they have to go. Not really that interested in monetary value just need them gone so I thought I’d see if any interest. Otherwise they go into recycling. Message me if interested I am situated (for the next three weeks) in Werribee

Thanks Ian
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Auscision Models Silverton 48s31 locomotive.

Fitted with a non-sound TCS Decoder, runs smoothly and quietly.

Beautiful model with no missing details.

Comes in original box.

Not sure how to post photos on here but can send some to your email upon request.

Can post at buyers expense or arrange pickup.

$300, located Yinnar, Victoria.
  SAR On track Beginner

31 Assorted SAR Line Drawings – a great SAR modelling resource

While tidying up I find I have 31 duplicate South Australian Railways line drawings.  These can be a great modelling resource, especially for determining the dimensions of rollingstock as well as helping to “scale” prototype photographs.  So, if you are a SAR modeller this rather long post may be of interest to you.

The drawings on offer include SAR locomotives, passenger carriages, freight rollingstock (especially tank cars) and assorted non ISO containers and crates.  

I am selling them as a lot for $125 ONO (including postage).

All drawings are from the SAR Rolling Stock Diagrams 5’ 3” Gauge book and are individually described below identifying the sheet or page number first, then drawing number, class, a general description and finally the most recent date on the drawing plus any comments on condition if necessary.

I am unable to scan and post an image of each drawing but examples of these can be found at

Given their age, the drawings are in my opinion in good condition, although for a few the paper has noticeably yellowed.  Each drawing is approximately 525mm wide by 215mm high and has holes in the left-hand side to insert them in the Rolling Stock Diagrams book.

Drawings range from simple outlines, eg LD3A of the 620 Class steam loco, to very detailed “technical sketches” such as LD 49 for the 800 Class diesel loco.  (Both examples can be viewed at

1 – page 5 / LD 3A / 620 Class / 4-6-2 “Pacific” class steam locomotive / Aug 1969

2 – page 9 / LD 7 / 710 Class / 2-8-2 “Mikado” class steam locomotive / Nov 1965

3 – page 10A / LD 44A / 750 Class / 2-8-2 “Mikado” class steam locomotive / Jul 1963

4 – page 12 / LD10 … / 5 Apr 1943 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Class Q / 4-4-0 “American Type” class steam locomotive  (b) Class Tx / 4-8-0 steam locomotive  (c) 10 ton wrecking crane / diagram of the crane wagon and its accompanying “tender” which was a class “W” wagon  and (d) Steam Coaling Crane / diagram of either a Priestman or Sheldon rail mounted crane and scoop

5 – page 14C / LD49 / 800 Class / Bo-Bo English Electric diesel / 30 Jun 1966

6 – page 15 / LD46A / 740 Class / 2-8-2 “Mikado” class steam locomotive / Nov 1965

7 – page 42A / CD436 / Suburban Passenger Car with baggage and perambulator compartments / Second class wooden bogie end loading baggage carriage / No date listed

8 – page 43 / CD 273/ Suburban Passenger Car / the drawing indicates it is a “First Class” car while describes it as a Second class wooden bogie suburban end loading carriage with baggage compartment / 26 Apr 1957

9 – page 44 / CD 274A / Suburban Passenger Car / Suburban passenger car with lavatory / 1948

10 – page 57D / CD483 / Workmens’ Sleeping Van / Van with kitchen, sleeping, shower and workshop facilities / 22 May 1963 / Comment: consists of 2 part pages joined by clear adhesive tape and has blue felt pen marking of 1 in a circle

11 – page 58A / CD339 / C1 / Cafeteria Car / 1947 / Comment: has blue felt pen marking of 1 in a circle, red biro marking with 3 in a circle and black biro marking of number 6

12 – page 72 / CD47 / Class Y / four wheel 17 ton steel wagon / 10 Oct 1932 / Comment: has blue biro line diagonally across page indicating the wagon has been condemned

13 – page 73B / CD599 / SFKX class / 75’ container flat wagon / 1972

14 – page 74B / CD569 / FCD class / Flat wagon for Chowilla Dam skips / 1967 / Comment: has blue biro line diagonally across page indicating the wagon has been condemned

15 – page 84A / CD544 / TA Class / 6,000 gallon sulphuric acid tank wagon / 1966 / Comment: has blue biro line diagonally across page indicating the wagon has been condemned

16 – page 87 / CD54 / TV Class / 5,000 gallon oil tank car single compartment / 1937

17 – page 89 / CD56 / TS Class / 5,000 gallon tank car single compartment / 1946

18 – page 90 / CD57 / TC Class / 8,000 gallon tank car single compartment / 1928

19 – page 91A / CD208 / TC Class / 5,000 gallon tank car single compartment / 5 Apr 1943

20 – page 95D / CD437 / TS Class / 10,500 gallon tank car single compartment / 10 Dec 1957

21 – page 100 / CD66A / TDF Class / 2,000 gallon diesel fuel oil tank on X Class underframe / 1955 / Comment: has blue biro line diagonally across page indicating the wagon has been condemned

22 – page 101A / CD387 / TW & TOL Class / 9,000 gallon single compartment water or oil tank/ 20 Aug 1953

23 – page 101C / CD385 / TCO & TDF Class / 9,000 gallon single compartment tank/ 31 Aug 1953

24 – page 104 / CD70 / TG Class / 5,000 gallon single compartment tank for ammonia or caruretting (sic) oil / 31 Aug 1953

25 – page 123 / CD278 … / 10 Jan 1945 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Collapsable dog crate, (b) Dog crate for railcars, (c) Furniture transport box, and (d) Container for carrying 360 bricks

26 – page 124 / CD279 … / 10 Jan 1945 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Container for rabbits, (b) Portable transport furniture box, (c) Ice container, and (d) Portable pig crate

27 – page 125 / CD280 … / 10 Jan 1945 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Wood container, (b) Collapsable steel produce container, (c) Insulated container for frozen fish (Port Lincoln) , and (d) Portable sheep crate

28 – page 126 / CD281 … / 10 Jan 1945 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Ice container for icing passenger cars, (b) Ice container, (c) Steel container , and (d) Produce container

29 – page 127 / CD298 … / 13 Mar 1946 which contains 4 smaller drawings being (a) Powder magazine, (b) Furniture transport box, (c) Tobacco container (large), and (d) Tobacco container (small)

30 – page 128 / CD302A … / 19 Mar 1946 which contains 2 smaller drawings being (a) Container for carrying 200 bricks and (b) Container for carrying 512 bricks

31 – page 128A / CD358 / LCL Container / Lessthan-container-load container / no date

  comtrain Chief Commissioner

Location: Near Albury Wodonga
For Sale,

Vline railtractor, spud drive, DCC chipped                          $250.00
Massey Ferguson rail tractor, spud drive, DCC chipped                 $250.00

Powerline Bob Hawke BL26, Limited Edition                      $175.00
Powerline Bi-Centennial 8172, Limited Edition                   $175.00

Trainorama VLCX, large VR logo                                      $75.00
Trainorama  14 ZLP                                                       $75.00

Lima SAR ELX, fitted with Kadee couplings                       $60.00

BGB kit built SAR M vans                                                $45.00 each
Metters, Kangaroo Cement & Brighton Cement.  3 for $110.00
BGB bogie V van, large loco,                                          $45.00
BGB, SAR OB wagons                                                    $40.00 each
        Or 4 for $130.00

Steam Era “U” vans, VPC & J Kennon                              $40.00 each
Steam Era UB van, Henderson Springs                             $45.00
Steam era, yellow GYs.,  3 off                                        $40.00 each

Steam Era coach, BW45                                                $150.00
Steam Era coach, AW40                                                $150.00
Bogie brake van, 5CW,                                                  $125.00

PSM, Bogie cattle wagon, MM 9, boxed                                   $325.00PSM, Bogie E wagon, original, buffers, boxed.                         $325.00PSM, GH yellow wheat hoppers, not boxed, 2 off.                 $200.00 each
All plus postage. PM any questions.

pm sent Les
  sol Assistant Commissioner

Location: Evanston Gardens SA
Many items from a deceased estate
  SaltyDog Station Staff

For Sale

Lima 3830 x 2,

Both 3830s are in good condition, run well and traction tyres are still on.

All have tender fitted KDs

Asking $ 230.00 each for the 3830s plus postage.
  xdford Chief Train Controller

For Sale

A "Sarah Siddons" Electric and 3 LNER metal coaches finished in Teak paint.  The original motor in the Sarah Siddons loco was faulty and has been replaced by an Athearn switcher chassis, all Model Workshop Middlesex kits made up.   $350  ONO plus post

Photos supplied on request,  PM wirh email to send copies to.
  a6et Minister for Railways

Am looking at selling a TrainOrama Commonwealth Railways GM 32.   The model is DC, in mint as new condition and only unpacked for test run some years back & put back in original box, color is the old Maroon & Silver livery.

If anyone is interested can send photo, and open to realistic offers, rather than go onto Ebay and wade through their new mess.

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