Caulfield group to become anticlockwise all day

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Seems that there are lots of ideas how to do a re-config.

What am I missing. Has anybody actually put a case for "why ???"

What is the purpose of "straighten out the loop" ?
It guarantees that nobody on the Frankston or Craigeburn lines can stop at FSS or SCS.
EDIT: also pax on Dandenong line, post MM1, cannot stop at SCS(from swap at Caulfield)

So too bad for a big chunk of pax, but good news to the handful (if any) that need to get from Frankston(line) to Craigeburn(line).
Where the hell are those 40,000 supposed to go?

JohnThe point is that instead of having two lines on each side of the city joining and creating a bottle neck (which reduces paths into the City), you join lines at the City to create through-routes that maintains capacity.

So the thee through-routed pairs become:

Sandringham - Newport
Burnley Local to Upfield
Frankston to Craigieburn

Clifton Loop and Burnley Loop remain, so one of the pairs above goes via the loop.
Sandringham - Newport makes most sense given F-C could sustain HCMTs

Then at Newport, you can separate that into two, Newport Local (Williamstown and Point Cook via Altona) and Newport Express (Werribee/WV and Geelong), with Newport Local going as above and Newport Express going to Clifton Hill via Metro 2 connecting to the Mernda Line.

Then you look at having Burnley Local become full time Glen Waverley with Burnley Express being converted into Box Hill Local, with a Box Hill Express (four tracks Burnley to Box Hill, Local to Box Hill/Alamein/Oakleigh). The Box Hill Express would tunnel from Burnley to create Metro 3, another cross city route, probably to Sunshine to take some pressure of all the lines running through Metro 1 (Airport, Sunbury, Melton, WV)

All of this is to say that through-routing train lines is the most efficient for maximising peak capacity. At 2am it's a waste of money, but between 7a and 10a, 4p and 7p, we need every train we can get going through the core. We have ample track space except for the few single track sections, but in the core we need each sector to have dedicated tracks the whole way through.
so that all means the end game is Quad to Box Hill, MM2, MM3 - yeah that's gunna happen NOT.

In essence the two tunnels (Caulfield and Northern) are going to be exclusive use of Craigeburn and Frankston.

So again, WHY must you have a through-route.
Those existing loops (post MM1) can already service in & out on fully dedicated track, which HCS will bring up to near 30tph.
The only bottleneck being if Metro continue with the practice of parking at FSS, instead of treating it like any normal through station.

# 4 loops as is: Clifton, Ringwood, Craigeburn, Frankston. Probably ending the mid-day reverse shuffle.
# 2 biggies on MM1: Dandenong, Sunbury
# the rest through FSS & SCS, combining Newport & Upfield run to the preferred opposite of Sandringham or Glen Waverley .

On the viaduct that means 4+0+4 tracks maximum. Only 6 atm.
Bit of a squeeze using only 2 for "the rest". It's where a recently mentioned extra pair on the viaduct starts to make more sense than spagetti tunnels.

end foam?
I will state yet AGAIN !!!  You re-configure the Northern & Caulfiled Loops to create a through Craigieburn - Frankston track pair via Flagstaff - Melbourne Central and Flagstaff as that then enables one to utilize otherwise poorly utilized bits of track (after Metro 1 opening) to create an above ground cross city group  Roxburgh Park - Upfield - Nth Melb - Stn Cross - Flinders St - Burnley - Glen Waverley (effectiovely 40,000 extra pax through CBD per hour. )

If you dont do the above loop re-configuration you end up with Caulfield and Northern loops under-utilized, and deny the low cost option of getting another 40,000 pax through CBD per peak hour.  The Cost/Benefit of doing the Loop Re-configuration will show an excellent rate of return . Its just the way the cards fall, but really only one opportunity to do it with minimal disruption hard on the heels of Metro 1 opening, and then a lot of the works can be pre-constructed if planning starts in 2021/22 . (However if one looks at re-configuring the Burnley & Clifton Hill Loops to make a similar cross city group, the benefits are just not there, so you standardize to one clockwise and other anti-clockwise and maximize train through put.) After City Loop re-configuration next we move onto Metro-2 in two stages 1.  Newport South - Fishermans Bend - Siouthern Cross - Flagstaff - Parkville. Stage -2  Parkville - Fitzroy - Croxton.

Now in the case of Upfield & Glen Waverley only running via Sthn Cross & Flinders St, pax can get used to having to change once in Melbourne, just like pax overseas do . Arrangements at Richmond and North Melbourne can be -reconfigured for cross platform interchange for travellers wishing to travel direct via Sxs & Fss or via Parliament, Melb Central - Flagstaff. Additionally travellers via Melb Central can Interchange via State Library to Metro 1, and longer term at Sxs or Flagstaff to Metro 2.

So potentially on completion of Metro 1 operation can be simplified to :

Metro 1  Sunbury - Arden - State Library - Town Hall - Anzac - Dandenong - Pakenham/Cranbourne
Werribee/Laverton/Williamstown - Southern Cross - Flinders St -Sandringham
Craigieburn - Nth Melb - Flagstaff - Melb Central - Parliament - Richmond - South Yarra - Caulfield - Frankston
Roxburgh Park - Upfield - Southern Cross - Flinders St - Richmond - Burnley - Glen Waverley
Alamein - Flinders Street direct.
Burnley Loop - anti-clockwise all times (Ringwood/Belgrave.Croydon)
Clifton Hill Loop - clockwise all times (Mernda & Hurstbridge)

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