New Intercity Fleet - Potential service frequency increases

  Ethan1395 Train Controller

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I've heard plenty of discussions about the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) D-Sets not having enough seats - an argument countered with the claim that there would be an increase in service frequency.

But I was wondering, what potential service frequency increase can be expect to see? How many D-Sets have been ordered and how does this number compare to the amount of V-Sets and OSCar H-Sets currently in service?

I saw this fan-made map posted a few months ago, would something like this be possible? have enough carriages been

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  s3_gunzel Not a gunzel developer

Location: Western Sydney, AU
I saw this fan-made map posted a few months ago
Ignore it.

Until a timetable is posted, fan-made, really foamer-made - is all piss and wind.

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