Rail reaps benefits of COVID-19 shopping boom


News article: Rail reaps benefits of COVID-19 shopping boom

The move of people out of cities to regions and continued strong demand for household goods during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boon for freight rail companies, which are seizing the moment to snatch what business they can away from trucks.

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Some rare good news and good vibes from Pacific National on the state of the rail in Australia.  One  minute they are crying poor and disadvantaged the next they are making good coin from upturn in business.

The cost of toll fees for a truck travelling from Port Botany to St Mary’s was around $90 one way, helping make rail a competitive option, Mr Dalle Valle said.

Pacific National will also finally take ownership of the Acacia Ridge freight hub south of Brisbane from Aurizon in March after the High Court rejected an application by the competition watchdog to appeal a previous court decision clearing the sale.
Pacific National

Trucks are obviously now struggling in Sydney with tolls of that size being levied on the operators which may actually reflect the true cost of running trucks in and out of Port Botany.

The St Mary's development will become even more important in the shuttle of containers to and from Port Botany a port now well on its way to becoming the primary port for Australia.

Regarding the terminal in Brisbane are PN likely to start running port shuttles to the Fisherman Island terminal?

Rail reaps benefits of COVID-19 shopping boom

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