Accreditation to run trikes

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Glenreagh's maintenance regime must satisfy themselves of the safety status of the trikes that are being brought to the event and sign them off as safe to run, and must ensure that their insurance is set up to cover these units of rolling stock.  Further, the competence of the drivers of the trikes must be assessed and the driver in charge there must be comfortable to approve the drivers as well.  All of these are procedural in nature but not difficult to do.  I would say the risk would be quite low for these slow speed trikes.
You have referred to fitness of the vehicles and the competency of the operators. There is also the track which they are running over to be considered. I have now included some photos in my post above. These photos demonstrate that this track is not fit for any purpose, including trike operations.

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  hairylegs2 Station Master

Anyone involved in this would have, should have, access to the safety management system. The accreditation and safety manager of said group would agree to each vehicle operating under their accreditation.
Let's talk about railway Safety Management Systems. They consist of documents, which describe what will be done in order to ensure the safe operation of a railway. That is all well and good in theory, but there is one major flaw... the documents themselves do nothing, except state what will be done.

So it is possible, perhaps even likely, to have wonderful SMS documentation, and to also have an unsafe railway operation, because what is specified in the documentation is not actually implemented.

Which brings us to compliance. Large organisations have their own compliance checks and balances. For small organisations like GMR, it would appear to me that ONRSR is not doing any compliance checks. They are just assuming that the organisation will comply with their own SMS. That could be a dangerous assumption.

GMR is intending to have a "Section Car Rally" in October, and below are two photos of a part of the track they will be running over. There is no SMS which could allow operation over this track, yet GMR are going to do that, and ONRSR is apparently not concerned about it. Minister for Railways

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Re the event, there is a post saying this is now cancelled due to Covid issues.
  hairylegs2 Station Master

Re the event, there is a post saying this is now cancelled due to Covid issues.
Thanks for the info, I hadn't heard that.

I think it best for all concerned that it doesn't go ahead.
  Albert Chief Commissioner

It's not a free for all
GMR accreditation allows for these activities
GMR standards allow for these activities
GMR is insured for public liability and volunteer workers cover.
You must be a financial member to participate.
Operators are trained and on passing issued a certificate of competency that is nationally recognised under Cert 2 in Rail Safety.
Operators require a Cat 1 or 2 Medical.
Track vehicles must be registered with GMR and comply to strict standards.

There is nothing secret squirrel about it. Everything is above board or it wouldn't be possible under the rail safety laws. GMR works closely with ONRSR and has lead the way in making operating trikes possible in this age of regulation. Other groups have adopted GMRs standards and procedures.

I called in to the DSRM on my way to GMRs 2019 event and had a great chat to Keith. He wished me well and to have fun.
  Yawn Station Master

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Thank you Albert.

I have not seen GMR's accreditation as ONRSR refused to provide a copy to me.

The person I spoke to at ONRSR said that GMR's accreditation is a "private" matter and they did not supply  a copy of any group's accreditation to ordinary members or members of the public.

So I have had to rely on what GMR stated was their accreditation back in 2014 when I last left the group (yes I was a member during the Troubles)

In 2014 GMR stated that it's accreditation was inter alia:

"1. the operation of track maintenance vehicles for infrastructure maintenance activities only:...............................2. 3...."

Personally I don't care if the Group again loses its accreditation.

ONRSR are just a pack of Cwth public servants and like all packs of public servants they have a pecking order. The person who tells you one thing has superiors, who have superiors, and when the ... hits the fan, they all duck for cover.

I also don't care if the group has been taken over by the Trike Brigade. Once upon a time, the Group was focussed on running a steam engine, 1919, and if it has lost its focus and now wants to be dominated by the Trike Brigade so be it.

I also don't care much for your 5 year plan, especially that bit which mentions turning your half of the corridor into a rail trail. You are welcome to the lycra brigade. You can have them all to yourself.

I am disgusted that the group relinquished its 10 year lease of the station precincts, leaving behind rubbish for other people to clear. I am also disgusted at what happened to the carriages at Lowanna.

And I don't find it very intelligent either that you post videos of a Howard tractor moving a wagon outside the compound when your accreditation clearly states that rollingstock movement was to take place only inside your compound. If you are going to do that sort of thing , keep it quiet and don't post videos of it.

Sometimes giving advice to certain people is like throwing pearls to swine. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You are a member of the management committee and you would no doubt be more than aware of the financial implications under the NSW Incorporations Act that management committee members bear. And I am sure that you have even checked the fine print in your insurance (!*!)

I note in a staged photo of a barbecue along the track that a chain saw was featured prominently in the photo. As the barbecue clearly was for the benefit of the 2 ladies in the photo, and the photo did not feature any ladies gardening gloves nor ladies' secateurs, I doubt if anyone bothered to turn the chain saw over that day and give it a few revs.

But do keep up the ruse. When your Free For All Trike weekend is rescheduled for December, make sure that every trike is carrying a token chain saw. Keep the pretense up that the lot of you will be engaged "in  infrastructure maintenance activities only' when the reality is that you are just having a bit of fun running trikes up and down the line.

Have your fun I don't care. Maybe you should also ensure not just that women and children and non-members aren't given free rides (as public participation would be a clear breach of your accreditation) but also that each particpant carries a token chain saw on his trike and gets a photo taken of him giving that chain saw a few revs.

I don't care what sort of cosy arrangement you have with the authorities. You have clearly worked something out. If ONRSR are happy with every trike carrying a token chain saw to comply with THEIR accreditation of your group, so be it. Who am I to quibble!

  fzr560 Chief Train Controller

You could also use upper-case to demonstrate that you don't care.
  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

You could also use upper-case to demonstrate that you don't care.
Plenty of effort expended to display that you don’t care already.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Who am I to quibble!
I must say that is something I was wondering. You have put out a huge amount of verbiage, most of which seems to be there to show everyone how much you know.  I'm sure people are impressed.
  Graham4405 The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Dalby Qld
I have not seen GMR's accreditation as ONRSR refused to provide a copy to me.

The person I spoke to at ONRSR said that GMR's accreditation is a "private" matter and they did not supply  a copy of any group's accreditation to ordinary members or members of the public.

Why should they? It's clearly none of your business and apparently you don't care.

So I have had to rely on...

Personally I don't care...

I also don't care if...

I also don't care much for...

I am disgusted...

I am also disgusted at...

Have your fun I don't care...

I don't care what...

Who am I to quibble!

If you don't care why did you have to rely on anything at all, and why are you so disgusted? Why are you banging on about something that you don't care about? Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney, NSW
Hmm.  These grapes I see before me sure look sour.

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