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Intelino is a new "Smart Train" upgrade of the Thomas/Brio/etc. concept. Amongst other things these adapter tracks  allow one to join Plastic and Wooden tracks. These adapter tracks are long overdue. Not rocket science.

At the moment it is only available in the USA or so they say, although seems to stock them in AU.



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Location: Sydney
Intelino is still a "work in progress" and many of the extension sets are yet to be defined. Including documentation. But the intro does mention that the various coloured "tiles" placed between the rails are "read" by the Interlino trains. What for, one might ask?  Are these tiles like AWS and Beacons on full size railways? Is this why Intelino calls itself the "Smart Train, Play Smarter" on the  box.

The box does say "For Ages 3-99" SmileSmile

The box contains
* 12 x 45 degree curves (8 needed for a circle)
* 4 x long straights
* 4 x turnouts, 2 of each hand (curved leg same as 45 degree curve)
* * 20 x tracks in all
* 40 x tiles of 6 different colours; these snap into holes in the tracks. Called "Action Snaps".

* Wood/Black plastic adaptor tracks sold separately, as mentioned in first post.

The name "intelino" has a double meaning.
* "interconnect" different types of track
* "Intel" like the computer chip maker, which stands for Intelligence. Intel pioneered the computer on a chip with the 4004 and then the 8080.

The set of 20 track pieces, etc., costs about $A30 (whoops).
The set of 8 wood/plastic adaptor pieces costs about $A12.
The geometry of the wooden and  black plastic tracks seem to match, as can be seen in the first post on this thread, where the radius of the curves seems to be the same.

Amongst other things, the Intelino Smart Train (INT-J1-SS1) supports Bluetooth. Does Thomas?
See (a short range wireless connectivity system).
The SmartTrain has a Lithium-Polymer re-chargeable battery, which can be re-charged from a USB hub via a USB cable.

A J-1 award winning starter set including Smart Train and 20 pieces of track costs about $A130. Currently out of stock in Australia.

Intelino has been around since about 2019.

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