Victorian opposition releases freight plan


News article: Victorian opposition releases freight plan

The state coalition wants to revamp Victoria’s freight network

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Are we already in election mode in Victoria with states such as that made in the news post.

Any additional mode shift funding would be welcomed by the industry and would also assist  in making terminals busier but we need to also see investment in tracks and intermodal terminal upgrades at Ouyen and Ballarat West.  Focusing on the industry issues is something not been achieved by the current government.

Current funding from the Ports and Freight minister is $3.5m per annum.  That funding would rise to $5m per annum in funding.

Can you trust the victorian liberals after what they did to the rail network previously?

Victorian opposition releases freight plan

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'... The opposition also says it will work with the Australian Road Research Board to produce a ‘Gold Standard Freight Network’ that includes an analysis of the busiest and most important Victorian freight routes while also looking at issues preventing the running of more efficient trucks. ...'

Says it all ??????????

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