Remaining Orange V/Line liveried stock

  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne
Is there much? I know most of VLP's Ps are still orange, plus a couple of SH sets and D vans. The PCJs and one or two of the PHs have their own version of V/Line. The rest of VLP is all red/blue.

What about FA? I think most of the locos are green now (haven't seen all the Ys), what about wagons?

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  vlinecars V/Man - "Yeah!"

Location: Here, there, everywhere!
V/Line Passenger Orange Stock
N467, P12, P13, P14, P16, P17, P18, Y156, Y161

SH30 (BCH130-BIH190-BTH170), SH31 (BCH131-BIH191-BTH171)

POWER: PCJ491, PCJ492, PH452
PARCEL: DN403, D335.

Damaged: ACZ260, BS203
Mildura Sleeper: SJ281, SJ282, SJ283, SJ284, SZ287

I know that at least one PH is in blue, with a white V LINE and a red /.
I don't think that there are any more parcel vans than the two mentioned in orange, but I am not sure.

The damaged cars should be in orange, I would imagine, and if the Mildura sleepers are still owned by VLP, I would imagine that they are still orange.

Also, BCZ258 (if it is not being converted to a BTN or BZN at this moment), would also be in the orange livery.
I am 90% sure that all of FA's locos, other than S301, S306, S307 & S310, and Y124, Y142 & Y147, are all in FA livery of somesort.
There are four or five RT's in FA Yellow, with an FA Logo, but the rest which are operational I would assume would be orange.

Some VPCX's & VLCX's are not in FA green. Most of the stabled stock at Tottenham Yard as well isn't green, not that the stock there would probably be able to be used! As far as I know, most of it has just been sitting there, rotting away. Also, some containers seen on wagon flats, still have the grey background, and the V/LINE FREIGHT logo on them.

Anyone want to add to the FA list (not that I think there are much more wagons still with V/LINE on them)?

Matt Julian
  DavidB Moderator

Location: Canberra
V/Line Passenger Orange Stock
POWER: PCJ491, PCJ492, PH452

I didn't think they were ever orange. The PCJs were grey/silver (the Overland maroon was painted over), and the PHs were grey all over.

  vlinecars V/Man - "Yeah!"

Location: Here, there, everywhere!
Sorry,  I stuffed up with that. I didn't mean to put the PCJs & PHs as orange. They never have been, and its highly likely they never will be.

Matt Julian
  kuldalai Chief Commissioner

The three (3)  PH  power vans have always had a distinctively different livery so that opeartional staff could easily distinguish between power vans and D  vans.  Initially the PH power vans were grey with white logo and green slash, and they are being converted to  royal blue with white logo and red slash. The PCJ powervans (2 of)  are grey with white logos and green slash. There is a colour scheme to convert them to blue with the white logo and red slash also.   The reason the P class locos and  H sets are still in orange is that it was expected that the P class and some of the H cars would be phased out with the introduction of V/Locity DMU's. However  patronage growth and late delivery of DMU's means that all the H cars will probably be around for a while yet . But expect the P class to be sold to FA or be phased out by VLP  at an early date as they are old locos (1955 re-builds) and really pretty gutless by VLP hp standards these days. The P class also require 2 man crew which is a further draw back.
  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)
Steamrail has 2 BS cars in VLINE orange
  g523 Train Controller

Location: rowville
i wonder if V/line will use