Cloakroom / lockers at Central

  vdan Train Controller

Hi there,

Would anyone happen to know whether the cloakroom with lockers at Sydney Terminal is still there and open? I recall using it years ago, but haven't looked recently so I'm not sure if it's still available (saw some talk of it being closed due to the t-word paranoia).

If it's closed, does anyone happen to know of a facility nearby? There was one mention of lockers being available at the coach terminal when I did a search.


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  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

If you're looking for the lovely old, blue 20c lockers with the big metal key, you're years too late.  From memory there was a modern version operating for a while, but I've got a feeling it's also no longer there, and the lockers are off the premises, down the road somewhere.  I'm open to correction on that, and will await somebody who has the straight dope on the matter.
  Leungy Assistant Commissioner

Location: Canberra
I think the locker facility at the coach terminal is still in operational.
  dalts 1985 Banned

Location: Banned
Where is the Coach Terminal exactly? Is this on Eddy Ave, on the bottom level?
  The-Commissioner Train Controller

Location: Strathfield, NSW
The Coach Terminal is on the Eddy Avenue level, approximately under what was the former Cloak Room. Not sure about the lockers though!
  cammo2005 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia.
I'd suspect they'd be now gone due to "terrorism risk".  Rolling Eyes
  vdan Train Controller

Thanks everyone - the cloakroom is indeed closed.

I ended up using the coach terminal's facility. Anyone can use it but it's pretty expensive at $5 for a bag and $10 for a large suitcase. No lockers - they put it in a storage area out back and you're not allowed to access the bag unless you're picking it up. Also has to be picked up by 7 PM.

Next time I'll just take the bag to the hotel I stayed at, which I now know provides free storage before check-in. I'd still be interested in whether anyone knows of a less expensive storage option near Central Station.
  blakjak Chief Commissioner

Location: Sid-en-aye, Ostralya
A good way to store items is to go to the hock shop & get put your property in for a $10 loan. You can leave it there for up to a month & only pay the 1st months interest (about $2 for a $10 loan).
The item must have some monatary value, & you can't access your property unless you get it out & re-loan it. However you can leave it there for up to 3 montsh for a very cheap price.
Try Aceben on George St near Central, they are a very reputable mob.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
A good way to store items is to go to the hock shop & get put your property in for a $10 loan.

Clever bastard! IdeaRazz

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