West Torrens Railway Signal Telegraph and Aviation Museum

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Driving along Marion Road recently through Netley and Brooklyn Park recently I went past a building labelled Railway Signal & Telegraph Museum.  The building had a SAR Train Order signal erected outside.

I was a bit surprised to see this, because most of us know about NRM, St.Kilda, SteamRanger, Pichi Richi etc etc, but I have never come across this Railway Signal Museum in Adelaide – nor seen any reference or mention of it on this forum.

A quick Google search revealed several references to the West Torrens Railway Signal Telegraph and Aviation Museum, but most of the links I tried to follow were dead, or did not give any phone number, or info on opening hours.

Does anyone know anything about this museum?
Is it still open and what are its hours?
Or if it is closed, why did it close (local government funding issues?)

PS – before anyone screams SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND at me, that was the first thing I tried, and found the RP Search function to be as useless as always.

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It has been closed and is unlikely to reopen at its present address due to a number of reasons. It has to do with funding and safety of the building from memory. No one how long it will be in limbo or even if it will re- open etc! There may be someone on here that knows a bit more but that is about the gist of it! Sad

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