YVR - Yarra Valley Railway

  T356 Chief Train Controller

On Saturday, 30/12/06, the end of the line for the YVTR was set in place.
Yes, thats right, the end of the line for the YVTR at Healesville. To some, this will come as a shock, but to others, it was expected and planned for.
As it happens, there wasn't a tear when it happened because it was about 30 deg outside, but some people were sweating in these trying times.
The situation started many months ago, I know because I was there when the sign post was put in place to be acted on. The 39 mile post to be exact. I helped move it in the workshop so that it could repainted and on Saturday, I helped carry it from the workshop to be finally laid to rest. It is a few meters short of it's exact position, but here is a road in the way.

Here is the work crew involved, plus me, your photographer on the day.

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  Railfan9949 Chief Commissioner

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The day I call it "end of the line" is the day they put a "bauk" across the track.. or at least a buffer stop  Wink
  SJB Deputy Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
  perks Chief Train Controller

Location: Sunny Vic
Funny, that buffer stop is at 38 miles, 77 chains and 80 somthing links. Smile
  T356 Chief Train Controller

What buffer stop? There isn't one. I did say it's a few meters short of where it's supposed to be.
  perks Chief Train Controller

Location: Sunny Vic
That peice of timber bolted to the line in the place of a buffer stop. But i belive the call was to just extend the line over the road so the mile post is correct. Some people may notice that though
  R704 Chief Commissioner

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where isnt "superman" when it comes to W&W  Wink

we would be stuffed without him!
  Train Master Junior Train Controller

I have seen your railroad, not too bad......Getting the Wclass moving again is a great fleat.I'd like see your railmotor run again in the near future. But The line will need a bit of lengthening!!!

Smile When all your bridges are done and all the paperwork and carraige restoration are done I will sticking eyes on net to hear of your achivenments.
  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

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When I saw the thread title I thought it meant YVTR was going to close up shop...
  K160 Minister for Railways

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So I wasn't the only one fooled by the thread title...