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Cutting edge intermodal hub for Albury

Friday, 2 March 2007

CONSTRUCTION on an intermodal transport hub in Albury is set to commence this year. The hub will have direct access to the standard gauge line between Sydney and Melbourne.

An artist's impression of the intermodal transport hub in Albury, NSW

AlburyCity said the Ettamogah Intermodal Hub will "further enhance the advantages of Albury's strategic location on the Hume Highway corridor".

The Colin Rees Group (CRG) announced the development at a media launch today onsite at Ettamogah.

Colin Rees is the former owner and executive director of the CRT Group. He has 30 years experience in the transport industry and the development of intermodal rail terminals in Victoria.

"Having identified the strategic advantages of this site at Ettamogah some years ago, my team has been working with the Australian Rail Track Corporation, the land owners and AlburyCity to bring this project to fruition," Rees said.

The intermodal hub will be operational within 12 months from the commencement of construction. Set on a 10-hectare site, the hub will be located adjacent to Norske Skog at Ettamogah, 10km from the Albury CBD.

It will be readily accessible from the Ettamogah interchange off the National Highway and will provide access to trains travelling on the national rail grid.

The facility will be developed in three stages over a period of six years. Stage 1 will be developed at an estimated cost of $10 million.

Total capital expenditure over all stages is estimated to be $22 million. When fully operational, approximately 100,000 tons could be handled through the facility annually.

The hub will provide import and export facilities, Australian Customs service, AQIS service, an empty container pool and rail connected warehousing.

AlburyCity says the Ettamogah Intermodal Hub will differ significantly from others around Australia by offering unrestricted access and choice of rail transport provider.

The hub will also offer scope for specialised transportation methods, "in contrast to other hub facilities which provide only bulk transport options".

Upon the sale of CRT Transport to Queensland Rail, Colin Rees retained the group's specialised rail technology assets, the Cargo Sprinter, Iron Highway and Cap Wagon Technology. A rail technology centre is also planned in the latter stages of development, together with national driver training facilities.

"My passion for maximising the use of our rail network and developing technology to facilitate this has not waned since the sale of CRT Transport in 2005. The intermodal hub at Ettamogah will be a leading edge facility and will offer significant benefits to regional industry," Rees said.


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I thought that the Wodonga freight centre was to have been moved southwards to Barnthawarra (?).
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There's little room for the intermodal area at Albury now.  Went on the  bypass yesterday (the day it opened) and there is little room for anything there now.  Interestingly, the bypass runs parallel to the rail line until it passes under near the Coal Sidings.

awgsc24, there is a large trucking depot near the line between Barnawartha and Wodonga.
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FYI, copies of the Rail Alas(es) can be bought from:
* Rail Graphics
* PO Box 430
* LBC NSW 2170
* 9821-1437 (if my eye do not deceive)

RailCorp have their own atlases.

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