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Hi all,

please don't lynch me, I know this has probably been asked before, but does anyone have a (semi-) complete list of addons I can download into my Locomotion game? I want to make it clear that "Chris Sawyer's Locomotion" is the only game I have, no prequels or sequels!

I tried searching here and Google, all I found was a NA patch. (EDIT: also found a melb. spark set and an AD60, but I cant get the first two to work!)

Specifically, the R class, S Class, 38 class, in general anything SAR, VR or NSWGR (steam or other, I don't care really!)

Also, where do I place the files during extraction? I have:
Single Player Saved Games
Two Player Saved Games
Or, of course, the actual folder itself!
"my options when I select the folder 'locomotion'"

All help appreciated!

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  Raichase Captain Rant!

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I'm no Locomotion player, but have a poke around these forums - They are the Locomotion forums on TT-Forums, and as I understand it, thats mostly where the Lomo community is staying.

I have seen a number of Australian items in development, although if they are downloadable or not... I'm not sure.

Hope that helps!
  SteamtoStay Chief Commissioner

Location: Building floorplates
In answer to my own question, for others with the same prolem, the items must be either downloaded or extreacted to ObjData.
  popey Train Controller

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Unforetunately, my Australian Set (I don't prefer to name it AusSet, someone else was developeing that) was removed due to the MSTS "war" of November last year.

The first installment simply had James Brook's models. I may upload this again in the near future, all the original models are still available. I would prefer to wait and redo them better than than original release, after another non-Australian set I'm working on. Currently, the computer with them on died but I hope to get it back in a few days. PM me and I'll see if I can email it to you for now.

Specifically, the R class, S Class, 38 class, in general anything SAR, VR or NSWGR (steam or other, I don't care really!)

Steam engines are very hard to do in Lomo, especially MSTS2Lomo. I've been told of one technique but it requires a bit of assistance from the creator. It also requires dealing with somewhere in the order of 500-1000 .pngs  Shocked I only did the Nas because you can't see the animated siderods. Maybe somewhere down the track... (pardon the pun)

If there's anything specific you would like or would like to get into making stuff for Lomo, don't hestiate to ask. I'm trying to get people to give me hand, its not to hard and really is rewarding.

Hope this helps,


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