Melbourne scenario

  SteamtoStay Chief Commissioner

Location: Building floorplates
Has anyone created one? I tried to create the CBD road grid, by laying it out on the basis that each 'block' is a 2x2 square, but there wasn't enough room to fit Flagstaff, and I don't have time to create a larger one!

Also, is there a way to create a scenario, start the transport company, and then go back to scenario editor and change things around, for example I want to start a scenario with tram- and train lines already laid for use!

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  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne
I started working on one, but it gets very difficult to lay things out right because every time you expand the city the streets move around. Evil or Very Mad

Also, if you think about it, the scale of the game is totally wrong. The carriages are twice as wide as they are long... That makes it hard to do anything good.

A subway station would be a good concept to have.

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