The Corowa Branchline

  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
awesome pics thanks heaps for them!

love that pic!  Laughing

It's fairly rare to see photos of Candy State Rail coaches although I still remember when they were common. It's also great to see photos of the XPT in Candy.

Although not related to Corowa, I just wish that I could have seen the XPT running on the Northern line through Armidale in the 1980s.

Didn't the XPT run to Richmond once? If only the Kurrajong line was still open.

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  supersix Deputy Commissioner

Location: Heathcote N.S.W.

I'd say Corowa takes the cake as being the most obscure XPT destination, [/quote]

i caught the xpt to cronulla in 1998. (i think it was)
  hunslet1915 Chief Train Controller

I'm doing some light research into the Culcairn to Corowa branch. Having visited I have some good info, which leads me to the following questions ...

The last train ran on the Corowa branch on 24/1/88. Does anyone have details of that movement ? A 'farewell' run perhaps ?

Stations along the line are listed as having been closed in May '75, therefore should I assume passenger services on this branch ceased in this year ?

1.   The last train to operate into Corowa was a special XPT - "The Federation Flyer" on 24/01/1988.   Corowa was where the founding fathers of Australian Federation first met.

2.   Regular rail passenger services on the branch ceased on 10/02/1972.

3.   The last regular goods train ran on 30/10/1984.

4.   The line was placed out of use beyond Brocklesby (637.000km) on 01/02/1988.

5.   A preservation group was set up, based at Corowa, but floundered when it could not negotiate operating rights over the line.
  Hopey Locomotive Fireman

Location: West Island NZ HA! or Sydney
Last normal working on the Corowa line was an irregular wheat working to Brocklesby.
Also some workings for Ballast for the Hurricane Hill Quarry about 7 KMs from Culcairn. 8)

Line was usually worked by 48 class locos and crews were either Albury or a crew based at Culcairn, Bill W and Ken S were there till 1987 then Albury crews took all runs.

The last normal through goods to Corowa ran in early 1985, as far as I recall.
  Westby3026 Locomotive Driver

sorry to dig up such an old forum, but is there any other photos out there of the xpt on the corowa branch say at culcairn heading across the olympic way? its facinating to see that state rail sent the big girl out there, youd never see that again, even if it was possible!

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