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Wow! 12 candy numbers and both bicentennials. This really is a great announcement but there is no mention of a release date.

Assuming $350-400 a loco might be realistic?

Not sure if 4620 had the 'L7' logos at the time of her withdrawl - I certainly could not see any from the Granville pics.

The way the sales are going, people seem to be levitating towards the 'with b ...

Any guesses what the unannounced 45 & 46 models might be?Very Happy
I noticed that the candy 45's have not all sold out which contradicts the FB post - or did I misread? Good news if so.

Posted 26 Dec 2014 18:26 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 5711


Shazam - thanks for posting those pics. They look mighty impressive - one step up from the Powerline version.

Good to see another loco arrive on the market - I w ...

46's are due end of January as per a recent advice. 45's first of course:D

Gives me a chance to get a few more early bird 46's...and if the 86's are anything to go by!!!!

Still hanging to see a pict ...

How I would love  RTR AL class, surely one of the last remaining locomotives to be done in HO.

Anyway, from memory there are commonalities with the CL and 422 .

Maybe side frames of the C or 81 mig ...

Your Roundhouse looks very cool. Especially when the line rounds the outside of it and you can see thru the windows.

Well done.

The new 80 Class was talked about openly at Liverpool, it is not Auscision...



Ok this is something that I must of missed - care to expand on this comment?

Posted 06 Dec 2014 18:44 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 5711

Whats the general consensus on the Traino' 48 anyway?

From what I have seen so far its pretty nice - just interested what people might be thinking as a three way comparison between TrainO,Auscision a ...

Good to see that this class is going to sell out upon arrival ( with the exception of the blue versions of course )...the sign of a healthy local appetite !

Hopefully a rerun might be bought forward  ...

I reckon a few of their 45's will be sold out within a week also.....

86's candy's are selling well by the look of it - 2 numbers already departed. Funny how they are the 2 earliest numbers (8607/14).

I did not notice that 8642 has the Freightrail logo under the cab s ...

Auscision have mastered the Facebook propaganda tool - and I for one check regularly to see whats happening. The updates regarding models sold out, new tooling, hints about the future and general stuf ...

They don't!

Different wheelbase and different spacing on bogie.



Ok my guess was way off the mark....

Yep - might time to update the race.

Silver City Comet & 421 are ready to be popped in!

I think Trainorama's 48's are overpriced, considering the full price of Auscision 86's is still under $300.

I would not be surprised if we see maybe a 400 class rail motor or CP38!!

I imagine they share a similar wheel base to the Comets DP power cars.... Fingers crossed.

... also are they doing the 81 class after all their continual posting of 81 class images every month??

Silver City Comet just announced on their Facebook page...



Hell Yeah!!!

This is a big surprise. I guess we won't be seeing this from Eureka!

I'm in - silver  ...

Now this one of the better ideas that has surfaced in recent times.

I know plenty of people who would love to remotor their older Lima, Powerline and Trax loco's. The main stumbling block is pricing  ...

I'm sorry to hear about the slow reaction to your project....seems like everyone is distracted by the HO world these days.

In comparison, how did the Gopher 48 class go in sales - is that any guide ...

Looks like the candy 86's are almost all gone.

Got mine yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!!

Hobbyland at Hornsby already have the 86 class in stock! Smile

That's fast!

I'm still waiting for mine.....probably weeks end at the earliest


Well done Shrike models. Might be tempted.

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