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Fitzroy is a suburb without train service IIRC and those residents have needs too.

Extend Fitzroy to Clifton Hill and then onto Doncaster as a service line.

Would this be a Vlocity?

Posted 13 Jul 2022 09:14 in Victoria by 8502

Why can't tie renewals happen overnight on the Ballarat Line or any line for that matter?  

What is the maintenance window overnight where trains are not running 0100-0400?

Posted 13 Jul 2022 09:12 in The Lounge by 8502

This about sums it up.

[url=]Bernard Keane on Twitter: "BREAKING: People who voluntarily get on a floating COVID incubator complain of get ...

Posted 04 Jul 2022 15:11 in New South Wales by 8502

Classic and like RP to stir the pot too!

Posted 04 Jul 2022 13:25 in New South Wales by 8502

Skynews (here in the office) reporting Menagle is flooded what happens now with the Sydney to Melbourne rail line?

Take one look at the Morgan Poll and you might think he is a survivor but is he?

[b]The ALP on 59.5% has a large election-winning lead in Victoria well ahead of the L-NP on 40.5% on a two-party pre ...

Posted 27 Jun 2022 12:17 in Victoria by 8502

Is there a PN grain train derailed on the network?

Posted 24 Jun 2022 12:20 in The Lounge by 8502

Why is Daniel Andrews so against the people of Mildura?  

A large portion of the state in the NW does not have decent transport why is this the case and why is a train to Mildura and all points in  ...

You are right Mannie Victoria needs to get on with removing diesel trains to the major regional centres and powering the system with renewables.

[quote=8502][url=]Senator Babet on Twitter: "We need change. That much is clear. Together we can do it. The days of not being interested in p ...

[url=]Senator Babet on Twitter: "We need change. That much is clear. Together we can do it. The days of not being interested in politics are ...

How does Alan Joyce get away with it? After running Qantas into the ground, the CEO should be answering fundamental questions about his management. But he continues to act with impunity.

Posted 20 Jun 2022 08:43 in The Lounge by 8502

[quote=Carnot]FINA have made a decision. The woke crowd aren't happy, but they're never satisfied:

It was interesting to read of the significant infigh ...

Discussing the technology for Australian use in a different thread.  This type of train could do a lot in Australia but do we know a lot about the loading gauge and how compatible it will be. A Talgo ...

Why don't we see more fuel and oil on rail in Australia?

Posted 16 Jun 2022 09:12 in Sightings by 8502

Good video one question why does the Qube freight use the yard and not the platform to pass through?

Australia really is just one big profiteering junket my governments and protected industries.

What a crappy job.

There is something completely broken with the system.

Posted 15 Jun 2022 16:47 in Victoria by 8502

[quote=don_dunstan]Occurred to me last month when I was waiting for a train at Ballarat station (in the blistering cold wind...), SG would re-connect Ballarat with all points westward of Ararat as wel ...

Posted 15 Jun 2022 09:56 in Victoria by 8502

Yes 100km/h line speed from Goornong to Echuca BUT not till the new timetable in January 2023.

What is preventing trains from using the higher speed track now between those l ...

Current Gas distribution network

[img] ...

Some have already experienced blackouts on the east coast.

Would they choose Standard Gauge for the connection especially with 213kms in China anyhow. [color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, "Segoe UI", Segoe, "Segoe WP", Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans ...

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